Effective, delicious, sugar-free*, & totally affordable melatonin gummy from grocery store juggernaut, Vitafusion


*Well, these do have sucralose. And gelatin, le sigh. But that's about all there isn't to love about these really effective sleep gems.


Two gummies contain 3 mg of melatonin, and that is our goldilocks sweet spot. But that's not all! They've brought the calming flower power as well: 4.25 mg each of Passion Flower of Chamomile Flower each and 4 mg of Lemon Balm Leaf.


The white peach and green tea is a surprising delicious flavor execution from a brand we didn't have high expectations for. We love this. 🤤

Bang For Buck

Vitafusion is as Box Store Brand as they come. Affordability and accessibility is the name of their game.

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Welcome to another journey into dreamland!  This time with Vitafusion’s Melatonin Gummies.

Fellow intrepid gummynauts are most likely already familiar with our abiding love for this glorious sleep molecule. We’re perennial fans of SugarBear Sleep and Charlotte’s Web Sleep + CBD.

But seeing that our mission is to explore all the gummy vitamins out there, at some point we knew we had to leave our favorite dream gummies in the clouds and explore other melatonin stars out there.

Which brings us to today’s shimmering nightlight: Vitafusion.

Not to be confused with their Extra Strength Melatonin or their slightly-intimidating-sounding Max Strength Melatonin, we consider these basic Melatonin gummies to be Vitafusion’s ground zero, or cloud zero, as the case may be.


The Vitafusion Melatonin Gummies contain 3 mg of melatonin, which is a pretty standard dosage for us in the Galaxy.  We find that 3 mg is our go-to dose, and even after a long-standing relationship with melatonin, 3 mg does the trick every time.

If you’re new to melatonin and all of this molecule and dosage speak is sleepgreek to you, then we recommend getting the tea (hot, calming tea) over on our melatonin blog. It’s a real love letter to the Dream Bean, so we hope you enjoy.

Anyway, first of all, we’d like to commend Vitafusion for killing it with the flavor.

tasting notes

The flavor is called “Natural White Tea and Peach Flavors” and we’re not going to lie, we were a little trepidatious.  Peach flavor can skew saccharinely sweet and artificial tasting, but the peach is well-executed here: Fresh, ripe and enjoyable.

We notice that Vitafusion also continues to win taste awards: these gummies won the 2018 “ChefsBest Excellence Award.” Not sure why chefs are giving awards to melatonin gummies, but we’d eat an entrée of these, so they’re not wrong.

(And we want all you chefs out there to have a good night’s sleep, too.)

The white tea really shines and cuts what could be an overwhelming peachy sweetness. Honestly, this really won us over and has become one of our favorite interesting gummy flavors. We can see why all the chefs agree.

So let’s talk about what else is in here: other than melatonin and a taste that everyone loves.

These have some of our other most prized tranquility-bringing herbs that we’d like to talk a little about, in case you’re not familiar:

passion flower

Passion Flower is a well known herbal remedy for addressing anxiety. We are familiar with how those nerves can come on as soon as you put your head on the pillow (even when you’re super tired!), so any herbal support we can get, we appreciate greatly.


Chamomile really needs no introduction. The go-to calming tea is as ubiquitous as the chill Sleepytime Bear himself.

But there’s more than just relaxation and a good night’s sleep at hand. Chamomile has a host of benefits: it can soothe a stomach ache and boost the immune system, as it fights harmful bacteria. And because it works antiseptic and anti-inflammatory magic, it can even help reduce acne!*

Let this flower work its chamomagic while you snooze.

lemon balm

And last but not least, lovely Lemon Balm. We continually find ourselves reaching for gummies with Lemon Balm.

Whether it’s included in Flo PMS Vitamins or Charlotte’s Web lime-flavored CBD Calm gummies, we are always looking for this tasty herb to impart its magnificent anti-stress benefits. And it also can help with digestion and immune support. Keep the posi vibes comin’, we say.

Also important is what’s not in these gummies, which is to say sugar.  These are sugar free!  That’s kind of a rarity in the gummy galaxy, and we love to see it.  They do contain Sucralose, though, which you may or may not love.

And sadly, these aren’t vegan.  If you’re looking for vegan melatonin gummies, we suggest SugarBear’s Sleep Vitamins or Bach’s Rescue Sleep.

off to never-never land

Ultimately, this Vitafusion offering honestly surprised us, although maybe it shouldn’t have, with all the herbal additions and continual domination of the ChefsBest Awards. We were not expecting to like this one so much. Perfect blend of tastiness and effectiveness.

We do wish we had more clean ingredients (non-GMO, et al), but for the price these are a hot ticket.

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