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The Gummy Galaxy is a big fan of this Vitafusion offering.

First of all, they really do taste great. We actually laughed out loud when we read on the bottle that they had won an award for taste (vitamin gummies have taste awards!?), but these actually do taste super dreamy! Like marshmallow creamsicle.

Now for the nuts and bolts:

These boast “clinically-proven absorption,” which is crucial, and we are definitely excited about this. Why bother even taking a vitamin if it’s just going to go right through you?

calcium & vitamin D: a perfect match

Like most famous couples, we often hear Calcium and Vitamin D in the same sentence, never to be found far apart from one another.  Calcium and Vitamin D work together to build and maintain strong bone structure.

But why is that?

Vitamin D is critical for your body’s ability to actually absorb calcium.  It doesn’t matter how much straight-up calcium you’re mainlining, if Vitamin D is not a part of the equation, it’s not going to do a whole lot!  In fact, your body might start leeching calcium from your bones to make up for any deficits.1

Pro tip: it’s a bonus if you also incorporate Vitamin K2 into your diet. Vitamin K2 is instrumental in calcium distribution throughout the body, so if you want to really optimize your calcium gummy, make sure to work this in.

Here’s a brand of K2 we love. (Sadly, not a gummy.)

Basically, Calcium + Vitamin D + Vitamin K in the mix = the perfect trifecta.

And the benefits of calcium and vitamin D go beyond just straight bone health. (Though that’s important, too!) This winning combination may also work to prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer!*

Also included in the Vitafusion Calcium Gummy is phosphorus.

This gummy only contains 16% of the recommended DV of phosphorus, but that’s okay because most adults get a sufficient amount through their diet. Phosphorus is incredibly important though, so we love that this has us covered just in case.

really though, what’s phosphorus?

Yes, the word phosphorus has been bandied about since our high school chemistry days, but why is it in our vitamin?

Phosphorus is not just found on the Periodic Table, it’s also an essential mineral in our bodies, instrumental in the forming of our bones and teeth. But that’s not all! Phosphorus also gets in on protein production, and cell and tissue reparation. It also works in concert with B vitamins to support kidney function and heartbeat regulation.2

Look at that little AP chem overachiever!

Here’s something else we learned on our little plunge into the Phosphoriverse: According to Wikipedia, because phosphorus is a highly reactive element, it’s never found as a free element on earth. Sad for you, phosphorus. Maybe someday you’ll get free.

So thanks, Vitafusion Gummy, for inspiring us to look more into this fascinating mineral.

Anyway, in the meantime, we’ll be taking our phosphorus, keeping our bones in tip-top shape with all this sweet, sweet creamsicle calcium, and contemplating free elements.

(And if anyone knows how to become a judge for these taste awards, let us know.)

Oh, and like all Vitafusion gummies, the best part is that they’re super affordable!  You can get ’em here.

Delicious, dairy-free way of getting that calcium and vitamin D
Not vegan

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