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We’re new to the Vitafive world, even though they launched in 2016.  But now that we’ve found them we can’t wait to collect them all!  We started with their Elderberry Immunity gummies, but seeing as how we’re collagen devotees here in the Gummy Galaxy, their collagen offering is high up on our to-do list.  Stay tuned!

Vitafive stands out on the shelves in large part because of their unique packaging. Their gummies come wrapped up in adorable pouches, which means less room taken up on the shelf, and eco-friendlier packaging. They boast 80% less plastic!

It kind of makes us feel like we’re getting a sack lunch to take to school, but instead of some questionable Lunchables ( 🥴), we’re getting some delicious and nutritious gummies. 

It’s worth adding however, while we love to see 80% less plastic, sadly, these pouches are not recyclable. 

But enough about the pouch, let’s look inside.

So what’s in these gummies?

The primary scene stealer is Elderberry, obviously. We are big fans of this flowering plant, and the variety of ways the elderberry shows up in our lives. Whether it’s the more delicate, lighter flavored flowery part of the plant, which pops up in everything from our midsummer liquor to our sparkling water, or the actual immune-supporting berry that’s taken to all manner of teas and gummies, the Elderberry is definitely having a moment right now.

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is packed with antioxidants. Potent little molecules that help protect your cells from damage. Elderberry is purported to tame inflammation and decrease stress, which means your immune system gets a break from doing all the heavy lifting.  The Vitafive Immunity gummies contain 100mg of Black Elderberry extract.

These also contain 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C, which needs no introduction, and 7.5 mg of the ever-important Zinc. You can read our in-depth love letter to Zinc where we expound on our love for the strange but appealing power of Zicam gummies. 

Tasting Notes

And as we navigate the winter months, we appreciate the bright, cheerful flavor of these Vitafive gummies. While the package claims that these taste like you picked them right off a raspberry bush, we think they’re even better than that. 

It’s not just a raspberry bush that you’re picking from, but some kind of delicious raspberry lemonade tree. There’s something a little extra in this flavor that is totally sending us. 

Juicy, bright and buoyant, these are some of the more delicious gummies around. And did we mention that they’re vegan? They are! 

We actually double-checked with Vitafive, because their website says these are vegan, while the packaging says that they’re vegetarian.  Lo and behold, Vitafive confirmed guilt-free vegan goodness!

We plan to keep these stocked on our shelves throughout the winter, not just for their health benefits, but we could use the taste of sunshine that these give us. ☀️🍇🍋

Check ’em out on Amazon.

Genuinely delicious, bountiful immunity-boosting ingredients
If the packaging were recyclable these would be perfect.

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