SugarBearHairWomen’s Multireview

A vegan multi with all the goods? Consider us influenced.


We often forget to take Sugarbearhair seriously. Their cuteness and Bondi Boosted Influencers often leave us rolling our eyes, but the ingredient roster is fantastic and they taste great. Plus, they're vegan!


These tiny little bears pack a punch: From your standard B, C, D, E all the way to Zinc. These also include folate and the all important Omegas. Better yet, Vegan Omegas! (No fish oil here)


These aren't particularly innovative in the flavor department, but they're still delicious and tasty. A bright, fruity candy that you kinda want to eat more of.

Bang For Buck

These aren't the cheapest on the block, but for a vegan gummy and an ingredient lineup this dense, these are totally comparable to the other multis out there.

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Okay, okay, Sugarbearhair.

We confess: We kind of thought that this Influencer Staple was all style and no substance.

We mean, adorable pastel pink, bear-shaped gummies hawked incessantly on Instagram? These just didn’t seem like multis with gravitas.  Call us snobs, but these bears seemed too good to be true. How could something this adorable and millennial be an actual effective multi for grown ups?

Well, this power-packed vitamin proved us wrong.

The Magic in the Multi

What do we look for in a great multi vitamin? It’s easy to flip the label and see a long list of things we may or may not have heard of.  But what’s really in this gummy that we love so much?

Well, to start, we definitely want our standard vitamins, A to Zinc.

But what are those letters (and attendant numbers!) all about? We know we need them, but why? Here’s a quick, handy breakdown of some of the most common multivitamin ingredients, and why your body-ody-ody needs them.

(Worth mentioning: the SugarBear multivitamins don’t contain vitamin A for whatever reason, so if that is an important addition to you, we recommend checking out our Olly Women’s Perfect Multi review or our Smarty Pants Organic Women’s Formula review!)

Vitamin B2

You might know this potent B better as Riboflavin. This versatile vitamin covers a wide spectrum of health benefits. From eye health to helping the body to process iron, B-2 is critical for growth and overall health by aiding the body in producing energy by breaking down carbs and fats.1

Vitamin B6

This B vitamin is touted frequently as an important part of brain and nervous system health. Lack of B-6 = decreased cognitive function.2,3 No thank you.

Vitamin B12

There’s a reason people want to inject B12 straight into their bodies for that sweet, sweet energy. Including us! 🙋🏻‍♀️That’s because this is critical in red blood cell formation, nerve health and DNA function.4 Basically, if you have a deficiency, you’re screwed.

And a deficiency could be possible, especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

Either way, next time you have a hangover, trust us. B12 to the rescue!

Vitamin C

This needs no introduction, and we’re sure if you’re here in the Gummy Galaxy, you’ve taken a Vitamin C supplement once or twice in your life. This storied immune booster is crucial in keeping cells, skin, bones, cartilage and blood vessels healthy and strong!5  No scurvy here!

Vitamin D2

Vitamin D2 is similar, but not quite the same, as vitamin D3. This D also works to give your body the proper amount of calcium and phosphorus, and studies have shown that either one has comparable effects. 6

Vitamin E

We are fans of applying Vitamin E topically, so great for healing and protecting the skin. But what happens when taking it internally? Well, as you might expect, it’s an antioxidant that protects the cells from damage and free radicals. Also excellent for heart health.7


This a go-to for immune health! If you’re curious to learn more, we talk a little more about zinc in our Zicam Gummies review.


With SugarBear Hair we also get folate. Folate is a B vitamin (B9) found in vegetables, and let’s be honest, are we really ever eating enough vegetables? Decreased folate has been linked to increased depression,8 and that’s not something we want around here.

And because these come from SugarBearHair, fine purveyors of Hair Vitamins, these wouldn’t be complete without a handful of micronutrients designed to stimulate and strengthen hair, skin and nails. A beauty gummy masquerading as a multi? This is the kind of genius product we can get behind here in the Gummy Galaxy.

Take note: if you’re also already taking a Biotin or Collagen supplement, this won’t be double-duty. These multis are totally safe to combine with a hair supplement, so depending on the results you’re going for, you have the green light to beef up your regimen with additional beauty gummies.

(We def recommend checking out our Hair Sweet Hair review.  You can get the full scoop on collagen in our Collagen Gummies 101, too!)

But that’s not everything we love about these multi vitamins: these even have vegan Omega 3s! Yes, those essential (but sometimes fishy!) oils are found, here, from chia seed extract. This really is a comprehensive smorgasbord of nutrients!

If you’re interested in even more vegan Omegas (3-6-9, damn they’re fine), we love MaryRuth Organics, for the full Omega spectrum.

Also, for you calorie counters out there, these clock in at 15 calories/serving, which make them an excellent contender for Best Low Calorie Gummies.

Final Thoughts

Basically, these have a little bit of everything under the sun, taste delish and are wrapped up in the most darling little vegan bear.

You won us over, SugarBear!

We highly recommend these.  Get ’em from SugarBear!

(Also check out our review of SugarBear Sleep Vitamins, the most epic sleep gummy we’ve come across yet. 🌚)

some of our other favorites

  • Overall
    Bang For Buck

    These are fine. Sadly I can only compare them to my favorite Olly women’s multi, the now-discontinued Super Foods multi. I get why it was discontinued. They tasted gross. But if you read the ingredients, they were chock full of so many veggies and superfoods, it felt like you were consuming actual health.

  • Overall
    Bang For Buck

    SmartyPants is all over the multi-vitamin world (all my pregnant friends swear by their Prenatal Formula), but we specifically love their organic line. Non-GMO, vegetarian and totally guilt-free. Plus packed with all the good stuff you’d expect and some surprises: from vitamin A to Zinc!

  • Overall
    Bang For Buck

    The best thing is that these are packed with great ingredients, including biotin, whole fruits and vegetables. Plus they are non-GMO and vegan.

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