SmartyPantsWomen’s Formulareview

Smarty Pants Organic Women's Formula offers classic multivitamin goodness with a few added surprises: Flaxseed Oil, Inositol and even Biotin!


This is a thoughtful creation, and we love that it's organic! The Women's Formula is a thorough and comprehensive list of everything you need on a daily basis. Plus all Smarty Pants vitamins are third party tested. What's not to love?


This ingredient roster is a Who's Who of multi vitamin essentials: From Vitamin A to Zinc, and even Vitamin K to help absorb that Vitamin D.


Smart Pants consistently delivers a rich, ripe fruity experience in a variety of flavors and colors. Here we have gumdrop shaped multis in three flavors: raspberry, lemon lime and grape!

Bang For Buck

These are some of the pricier multis we've seen. There are cheaper organic offerings, like mykind organics, but we do think Smarty Pants is #worthit.

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Smarty Pants is one of the best go-tos in the multi-vitamin world. (All my pregnant friends swear by the prenatal multi!)

And we specifically love their organic line: Non-GMO, vegetarian and certified organic. Every batch is lab tested by a third party, meaning that Smarty Pants rigorously vets their products to deliver the highest quality multi formulas around. And they really are delicious! 

Not only do these contain the traditional ingredients you expect from a multi (the standard Vitamin A to Zinc), but there are also some surprises that we’re excited about. 

Let’s check ’em out:

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is the ultimate vegetarian source of Omega-3 fatty acids, primarily alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).  If you’re vegetarian or vegan, it can be difficult to get enough crucial omegas, so supplementing them is generally recommended.

The Women’s Formula contains a 341 milligrams, a fairly generous serving of flaxseed oil for a multi gummy.  Just a head’s up: the recommended daily dose of ALA for women is 1.1 grams1, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got some other sources in your diet.  (We love the Mary Ruth Omega 3-6-7-9 Gummies!)


The women’s formula is also packed with biotin: 30 micrograms which should cover your daily needs.2  Biotin is a member of the b-vitamin family, and is crucial to hair growth and nail strength.  Who even needs another beauty supplement now?


Inositol is a fascinating little molecule that we weren’t super familiar with.  It’s a carbohydrate with a glucose-like molecular structure, and it plays a lot of roles in various systems in your body.  The potential benefits of supplementing inositol range from mood-boosting3 & anxiety-reducing.4 This is because inositol plays a role in everything from serotonin production, to blood sugar control5, and even fertility support.

Plus there are also probiotics!

(Update, this is important: SmartyPants recently changed their organics formulas, and they no longer contain probiotics!  However, we reached out to them directly, and they told us that you can still get the probiotic-containing formula, but only on Amazon.  We’ll keep you updated if this changes in the future.)

Basically, if you are needing a one-stop gummy vitamin that can do almost anything, this is it!

Fun fact: Smarty Pants Organics women’s formula is completely vegetarian, but we were confused when we read the ingredients label What would make this vegetarian, but not vegan? Nothing on the list seemed to indicate an animal product. So we did a little digging around and discovered that their vitamin D-3 is sourced from sheared sheep’s wool.

So there ya go! Vitamin D3 can come from sheep’s wool. Who knew? 

Here is the link to Amazon if you want to get the Smarty Pants non-organic multi formula, which is a little cheaper. The non-organic multi is another wildly popular multi offering from Smarty Pants. We consider it worth looking into. It contains some things this formula doesn’t have, like Coenzyme Q-10. Be forewarned however, the omegas in the non-organic ones come from fish oil and are not vegetarian like the organic formula.

Regardless of which way you go, Smarty Pants is a vitamin juggernaut.

Happy multi-ing!


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  • Overall
    Bang For Buck

    These are fine. Sadly I can only compare them to my favorite Olly women’s multi, the now-discontinued Super Foods multi. I get why it was discontinued. They tasted gross. But if you read the ingredients, they were chock full of so many veggies and superfoods, it felt like you were consuming actual health.

  • Overall
    Bang For Buck

    The best thing is that these are packed with great ingredients, including biotin, whole fruits and vegetables. Plus they are non-GMO and vegan.

  • Overall
    Bang For Buck

    Call us snobs, but these bears seemed too good to be true. How could something that adorable and millennial be an actual effective multi for grown ups?

    Well, this power-packed vitamin proved us wrong.

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