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Rainbow Light is a trusted go-to brand for us. We do wish these were vegan...and didn't turn into one big blob in warm weather


We love Rainbow Light products and have trusted them with our immune support for at least a decade now. The website warns that these Vitamin D gummies get "sticky" when warm, but they were one giant sticky mass when we bought them.


Vitamin D needs no introduction, and we love the 2,500 IU amount, which is a Goldilocks sweet spot. We did find that when taken daily it led to a breakout for us. Don't forget Vitamin D is a hormone!


These are a bright tart raspberry, but after peeling them apart one by one from the sticky uni-gummy, it kind of took the fun out of gummy supplement life. Maybe we just had a particularly warm batch?

Bang For Buck

If you get a bottle with individual gummies, it's hard to imagine a better Vitamin D gummy supplement for the price and quality.

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Taste the rainbow with these berry d-licious vitamin D gummies that support an array of body functions!

Vitamin D is essential to almost everything that goes on in the body, and yet it’s hard to say we’re really getting that necessary amount unless we’re really mindful of our diet and getting out in the sun on the reg.

And during the winter months, who can say that they really are? (Goodbye, Daylight Savings Time! ☀️😿👋🏻 )

Rainbow Light

We’re fans of Rainbow Light here in the Galaxy, and have enjoyed taking both their Women’s One High Potency Multivitamin and their “Counter Attack” in the past. (Sadly, neither of which are gummies.)

We particularly appreciate the kickass-sounding name of “Counter Attack”, which we’ve found to be dynamite for getting back on track after a bout with some Flu Season grossness.

(And we’re not the only ones who recognize its power! Counter Attack was a betternutrition 2019 “Best of Supplements” Award Winner.)

So we were excited to get the Rainbow Light Vitamin D3!   It’s a standout of its own, and vitamin D helps support your immune system, bones, heart, breast and colon. We never want to skip out on that D3!

All about Vitamin D

These gummies contain a potent, and yet completely reasonable, amount of Vitamin D3. We recommend these because they provide 2,500 IU, a higher amount than the Rainbow Light Sunny D, which clocks in at 1,000 IU.

We were totally hooked on one of our favorites, the Garden of Life Raw D3, which is not a gummy, but is super high quality. Unfortunately 5,000 IU was a lot for us, and we had to back down.

This is because (fun fact alert!) Vitamin D3 is a hormone, and stimulates testosterone production.  We were breaking out after taking 5,000 IU regularly!

So to all our acne-prone friends out there: you might, like us, have to play around with your D3 intake to circumvent some cystic-style breakouts. We do find that if we take 2,500 everyday, it does cause us some breakouts eventually, so report back to us what works for you. Sometimes these things are an alchemical trial and error process, and we love hearing how other people respond to these things!

Tasting Notes

And who doesn’t love bright berry flavor? While the picture on this bottle has a large looming raspberry, and the ingredients list claims natural “raspberry & cherry flavors,” it winds up being just sort of sweet and fruity.  There’s no Olly-style flavor sorcery here. But luckily, there’s also no “medicinal cherry” flavor moment. That would be tragic.

Speaking of tragic, when we first bought these, we were bummed to discover they had morphed into one Giant Gummy Blob, stuck at the bottom of the long bottle, and there was really no way to separate them or get them out elegantly.  We had to use a butter knife.  And to be honest, a lot of them are still stuck in there to this day.

We discovered that this is not particular to us.  To the contrary, the Rainbow Light website actually provides a disclaimer: “This product is heat sensitive; during warmer months, contents may become sticky.” You don’t say.

It’s a pretty diplomatic statement, as they leave out the part about the giant uni-gummy stuck to the bottom, but at least we know we didn’t get something defective. They do make it clear that the melting “does not impact potency or effectiveness”.

Also a heads up for those keeping score at home: These contain gelatin, so they are not vegan.

But overall, we’ve found these to be a perfect addition to our weekly vitamin arsenal!

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