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The magic of mushrooms and gummies (finally) combine, creating our new favorite gem


Ten adaptogenic mushrooms packed into a delicious vegan raspberry gummy, regenerative agriculture + carbon neutral, made by a company guided by doctors & the healing power of plants? Be still our hearts.


Since these contain a proprietary blend, it's a little hard to gauge how much of each mushroom is in each serving. But overall these contain 2500mg of mushroom blend per serving, which is twice as much as some other major brands' capsules!


You might expect a mushroom gummy to taste pretty funky, but these are actually pretty mild. The raspberry flavor is rich and there's a slight herbal earthiness.

Bang For Buck

These are a little more expensive than other gummy vitamins, but actually cheaper per dose than a lot of mushroom capsules out there. Plus you get a discount when you order more than one jar!

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We’re not gonna lie. We’ve lamented for a while now that there is a sad lack of mushroom gummy supplements out there. We are longtime proponents of mushroom life and straight-up adaptogen fiends (one of us is even makes an annual pilgrimage to the Telluride Mushroom Festival).

When we started this site, we knew that our love of talking about mushrooms was going to be curtailed by the gummy medium.

But lo and behold! Enter Plant People. When we first saw that the world had been blessed with the first ever Mushroom Multi Gummy, named WonderDay, we almost couldn’t believe it. Did we manifest this Secret style? Because honestly, mushrooms + gummies is the exact center of our supplement Venn diagram. A Wonder Day indeed!

We’ve been long time fans of Host Defense, and have Four Sigmatic’s mushroom drinks in our Parallel Universes section, because mushrooms are integral to a well balanced supplement profile, IOHO. (In our humble opinion–is that an acronym?)


Plant People

These Mushroom Gummies come to us from a company with a vast array of plant-based products, from tinctures and skin care to hemp and mushrooms.

Just hearing the name Plant People speaks to us. As self-proclaimed Plant People ourselves, we feel seen, as if we’ve always been a part of this ethically-minded company. We didn’t know anything about them, but after looking into them, they’re kind of our dream team. (Plant People, can we be friends?)

They are a Climate Neutral company committed to regenerative practices, and utilize organic and biodiverse farming practices, creating non-GMO, holistic products backed by science and clinical research.

In addition to the WonderDay gummies, Plant People offers a variety of mushroom + herbal capsules and an extensive line of CBD products ranging from tinctures to skincare.

Their products are lab tested and their website includes lab reports for all of their products. With these kinds of supplements, rigorous and transparent manufacturing processes are incredibly important, and we love the high quality standards that Plant People have.

Bring on the Mushroom Gummies!

WonderDay Ingredients

Here’s a quick run down of the various mushrooms included in their proprietary blend, all 2500 mg of it!

As always, and it feels like we say this a lot (because companies do this a lot!): when supplement brands use a proprietary blend, it’s hard to say exactly how much of any one particular thing you are getting.  Are there equal amounts of Lion’s Mane as there is White Button in these gummies? We don’t know.

If Plant People ever provides a specific breakdown, we’ll update you here! In the meantime, this is everything that’s included in their “Adaptogen Complex+ Mood, Energy, Cardio, Gut” blend:

Lion’s Mane & Cordyceps to “boost energy, mental and physical performance.”

Reishi Mushroom “modulates stress response, supports relaxation, immune and cardiovascular systems.”

Chaga & Royal Sun (Agaricus Blazei) “stimulate the immune system and cellular wellbeing.”

Maitake Mushroom & Turkey Tail “support healthy gut microbiota and immune response.”

We’d be here all day if we tried to talk about each of these magical mushrooms in detail, because mushrooms are such a fascinating and intricate topic!  But WonderDay has a good overview on the benefits of mushroom supplements and some pretty thorough primers on each mushroom in their Mushroom 101 blogs.

Other than the mushrooms, the gummies have glucose syrup, sugar, glucose, pectin (they’re vegan!), natural raspberry flavor, and purple carrot juice concentrate.  That’s maybe a little more glucose + sugar than we might expect to see in the ingredient list, but overall, two of these gummies (one serving) have 5 grams of sugar, which isn’t too crazy.

Tasting Notes

These gummies are a deep, rich raspberry flavor. Not the tart, candy notes you can sometimes get when sometimes is labelled “raspberry”. These are much riper on the raspberry spectrum, almost like you’re feasting on a rich, dessert wine.

It’s probably not surprising if you’ve been following along, but the gummies are vegan. Yes, Plant People use only plants! But to be honest, they manage to convey the plush sumptuousness that you get from a non-vegan gummy. The texture is actually quite impressive.

Final Thoughts

WonderDay might just be our new favorite gummies. They are delicious, chock full of just about every functional mushroom you could want, and Plant People is a company that we can totally get behind.

A one month supply runs $29.99. (60 gummies per jar and it’s recommended to take 2/day) This is the only mushroom multi around, so we can’t compare it to other mushroom gummies.

Oh, and did we mention for every product sold they plant a tree? Be still our hearts. They are partners with American Forests and Trees for the Future.

And just in case you were wondering, the products come in glass jars! Plant People strives to use as little plastic as possible. So, take your Turkey Tail and feel good about yourself. We’re all just doing our part. And if doing our part doesn’t involve a daily dose of mushrooms, it’s probably not a part we want to play. 🍄❤️


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