Sephora Collection x OLLYBedtime Beautyreview

Olly packs a ton of crowd-pleasing wonders in this gummy, but winds up being a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.


There's nothing in here we don't love: melatonin, ceramides, l-theanine and lemon balm! But somehow it doesn't add up to the powerhouse sum of its parts we'd expect.


It sounds so perfect, but ultimately these don't quite deliver as a sleep gummy or as a beauty gummy. These have a small effect, but if you want something more noticeable, we'd spring for a few specific gummies instead of trying to pack it all in one.


Olly, as always, kills it in the flavor department, and these are all plush Plum Berry Blossom goodness.

Bang For Buck

These are definitely an affordable sleep + beauty option, especially if you're just looking for a little beauty routine nightcap.

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We love this Sephora x OLLY collab, but we’d like to note first and foremost that we categorize this as more of a beauty gummy, not a sleep gummy (despite the “bedtime” emblazoned in the title). 

Visitors to this galaxy will know that we love us some sleep gummies, and are well-versed on the ins and outs of melatoninHowever, these contain only 0.3 mg of melatonin in one three-gummy serving! Not enough to knock out pros like us.  Most sleep gummies have between 2 and 6 milligrams of melatonin per serving.

So be just aware: if you’re on the hunt for a real melatonin gummy, check out our top 5 sleep gummy recommendations.

Ok, that aside:


The standout ingredients in Bedtime Beauty are the abundant ceramides. What are ceramides, you ask? To be honest, we didn’t know either. So we did a little deep dive and discovered some wild things about these little miracle lipids.

Ceramides protect your skin from getting compromised by environmental stressors, irritants and pollution. Say what? It’s true: ceramides form part of your skin’s barrier against the world, and they help it retain moisture. 

Your skin actually needs just the right amount of ceramides to keep it healthy!  If your ceramides are out of whack, your skin will be, too.

Well, geez. When you put it that way, we don’t want to live without these now!


As we mentioned earlier, there’s not a lot of melatonin in these.  The Sephora x OLLY Bedtime Beauty is more like a soothing bubble bath for the brain; no drowning in the deep end of oblivion here. Think of these as more for setting the mood for bedtime rather than an assertive call to sleep. 

So how do these gummies do that?  By loading these with beloved l-theanine, of course!

L-theanine is an amino acid that enables a relaxed state without any grogginess (so you can take l-theanine any time of the day, btw).  Each serving of these is packed with 100mg, so if you are looking for an easy chill, this is your grail.

L-theanine is a buzzword for us, and we will always scoop up a gummy that contains it. (Hello, Goodbye Stress!)

lemon balm

We find that L-theanine always pairs well with lemon balm, and Bedtime Beauty is no exception. Lemon Balm is a well-known herb used for mood and cognitive support. We always wake up in a fresher, sunnier mood when lemon balm is in our life.

Add in some chamomile extract, and you can get that traditional soothing pre-bed tea…without the middle-of-the-night pee. 

As if that weren’t enough, these also contain Passionflower extract, known to help with anxiety and sleep disorders. 🌺 How’s that for some well-rounded beauty sleep?

But don’t forget! Even with all of this goodness, these don’t replace the effectiveness of a stronger melatonin gummy. 

Consider this more of a mildly epic way to elevate your nightly skin care routine.

Get ’em from Sephora.

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