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Olly takes a spin on the classic multi by giving you your daily dose of probiotics, too


Olly is a master gummy vitamin crafter, and this is a great ingredient lineup. But we do prefer a gummy as essential as a multi to have organic, non-GMO ingredients without the gelatin. This is not the one.


All the mainstays are here: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E + Zinc. There are some surprises too, like Selenium and Chromium. But our reason for the season is 1 Billion CFU of Probiotics, an easy way to probiotic while you multi.


The tropical twist here is nice, even if it's fighting a bit of multivitamin bitterness and minerality. The overall effect is still tasty, just not their best work.

Bang For Buck

You just can't beat Olly in the affordability department, and this is an easy, accessible way to get a solid multi.

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We’re always on the prowl for that perfect daily multi gummy. (The LBD of gummies if we do say so ourselves.) So we decided it was high time we check in with Olly.

We often come to Olly for the unique blends it formulates (Hello, Hello Happy!) or for their wildly effective sleep gummies. Olly’s classic Sleep gummy is the one we come back to time and time again when we need some melatonin quickly/cheaply/easily.

But we tend to look to other brands for our daily multivitamin. Recently, we needed to re-up on our multivitamins, so we decided we would circle back to everyone’s favorite box store brand and give it a whirl.

Olly Gummies

By now, we’re all familiar with gummy juggernaut Olly. And we’ll just say this, even though we’ve said it before: we do wish that Olly had more organic options, sourced non-GMO ingredients and stopped using gelatin in their products.

We appreciate that Olly’s gummies have been effective for us and easily accessible (in addition to always totally delicious!). But because multis are such an important part of our wellness, we kind of want to make sure we’re getting the best, most high quality ingredients. And that’s why we tend to overlook Olly in the multi department.  We’re kind of gummy snobs, tbh.

But we loved that this Olly multi had a plus one with the addition of probiotics, so we were super excited to try it.

Let’s open this boxy bottle of goodness!


This is definitely a multi-by-numbers. All your standard multi ingredients are present and accounted for: your vitamins A to Zinc. You got your standard B, C, D, and E, as well as Niacin and Folate.

But then there are a few additions that aren’t always included with the usual suspects.

These include Selenium, Biotin, and Chromium. If Chromium is a new one for you, you’re not alone.  Even Harvard Health calls it “the forgotten mineral.” It didn’t really ring a bell for us either, as it doesn’t really show up in gummy supplements a lot.  The precise role of Chromium in the body doesn’t seem to be completely understood, but it is considered an “essential trace mineral,” and your body needs it.  The more you know!

And yes, then there’s Biotin, which does show up in a multi every now and again. 30mcg, which is 100% of the DV. (Side note: Do we really need the Biotin though? It’s something we’ve been pondering for a while now as beauty supplement junkies, and you can read about exploration of Biotin’s effectiveness here in our Mysteries of Sugar Bear Hair.)

But of course, the thing that really makes these stand out amongst other multivitamins is the 1 Billion CFU of Probiotics. (Bacillus Subtilis, to be precise.)

Who doesn’t love a shelf stable probiotic? We try to always make sure we have one on hand, especially when traveling, because they can be really helpful with easing any digestion issues that can flare up when diets change and schedules get disrupted.

So, basically we love this ingredient roster, and think it’s a good catchall if you’re looking for an affordable gummy with some added bonuses.

Other Probiotics Gummies

If you’re interested in taking probiotics on their own, we personally adore Rainbow Light’s Probiolicious. (Against all odds, considering that name!) We will mention however, that this is a different strain of probiotic.  Probiolicious contains Bacillus Coagulans. So while both the Olly Multi + Probiotics and the Probiolicious contain 1 million CFU of probiotics per dose, the strains aren’t the same.

If you want to stick with Bacillus Subtilis, Up4 has delivers the Subtilis in double the amount!   2 million CFU per two gummies.

Just to give you a sense of what else is out there, if Bacillus Subtilis is your thing.

Probiotics really are a wonder, assisting with immune health, and also keeping the lady parts in balance (if you ever take antibiotics–make sure you’re also taking probiotics!!)

Tasting Notes

The flavor is called “Tropical Twist”, and it’s certainly twisty. As usual with Olly’s products, the flavor is good. It’s fruity, it’s tangy, it’s got hints of mellowing coconut.

But even with the flavory sorcery that Olly brings to the table, there is still an undercurrent of something a little minerally. Because of the nature of the multi, you can’t really get away from the bitterness that comes with any multi, even with Flintstones. (Yeah, we said it). The overarching flavor smoothes it over for the most part, but you’re definitely getting that classic multivitamin undercurrent.

Final Thoughts

This is a great go-to if you want to get a bunch of solid ingredients on the cheap.

For our regimen however, the multi is such a cornerstone of our supplement diet that we will probably stick to ones that give us premium ingredients, like Smarty Pants or MyKind Organics. We do appreciate that the probiotics give us a two-for-one multi + probiotic goodness in one dose, but we may not make this our main vitamin squeeze.

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