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These are phenomenally effective... maybe a little too effective. (we recommend taking just one)


Laser Focus does exactly what it says. These have become staples for us, and are one of our all-time favorite gummies.


These will get you in the zone, quickly, with vitamin B12, alpha-GPC, and ginseng. Olly's recommended serving is two gummies, but that's actually too much for us: we just take one at a time.


"Berry Tangy Tangerine" is a bright citrus that'll wake you up a little on its own. Olly has some of the best flavors in the gummy game, and this is no exception.

Bang For Buck

Ollys are always relatively affordable, and these are definitely worth keeping around for when you need to power through a slump.

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3:50 PM:
So, we’re trying an experiment here.

We took two Laser Focus gummies, the recommended serving, about 20 minutes ago, and we’re going to try to use the power of Laser Focus to write this review in one shot.  Basically live-blogging a gummy experience.

Ready?  So are we.

Like reallly ready.  We’re currently riding a wave of intense energy, one that has all the fingerprints of:

vitamin B12

We’ve come to be worshippers of this vitamin, after experiencing the incredible mind-tools that are Highline Wellness’ CBD Day gummies, not to mention the life-giving nectar of Hiball’s Sparkling Energy Water.

Both of these contain large amounts of B12: 5 micrograms in the Highline Wellness, and ~2.7 mcg in the Hiball.

But the Olly Laser Focus contains 50 micrograms of vitamin B12.  50!  That’s 2083% of the RDA.

Don’t worry, though, B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, so taking a heroic dose like this won’t have any side effects, your body just passes it through if it’s not needed.

4:05 PM:
As supplicants of this mighty vitamin, Olly has taken us to church.  Jittery, scattered energy church.

This is what we usually associate with the onset of a lot of B12: it’s pretty intense.  You wonder if you’ll ever be able to focus again.

But once again, don’t worry: the rush passes after about 20 minutes, and you’ll find yourself in the sweet spot of pure consciousness.

B12 is pretty magical for focus, we’ve found.

B12 deficiency is linked to lowered energy level, lower cognitive ability, and mood disorders, even psychosis!  Studies are mixed on whether supplementing B12 improves cognitive ability or energy levels in people who don’t have a B12 deficiency,1 but it’s clear that B12 plays a vital role in all kinds of cognitive processes, so make sure you’re getting enough!  These will take care of that for you.

4:22 PM:
Maybe we’re extra sensitive to B12 here in the galaxy, or maybe it’s because we took these on an empty stomach, but this is a wild ride on the B12 bronco.

So while we’re waiting for this to subside a little, let’s look at what else is in these gummies:


Alpha-GPC is a form of choline, a molecule that plays extremely important roles in cellular and neurological functioning.

Because of its unique structure, Alpha-GPC passes through the blood-brain barrier, delivering choline straight to the brain, where it’s used to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter.

Acetylcholine is primarily associated with something called the “neuromuscular junction,” where it facilitates the interaction between our nervous system and our muscles.  It’s basically the literal “mind-body connection,” and acetylcholine sits at the epicenter of this connection.

Like a molecular Charon, ferrying our thoughts across the river Styx to our muscles.  Or something like that.

4:36 PM:
The B12 wave is subsiding.  Phew.

In any case, acetylcholine is crucial to smooth motor function, muscle control, and coordination.

And here’s where the Laser Focus comes back into focus: acetylcholine also plays a critical role in learning and memory.2

It’s unclear if supplementing Alpha-GPC actually provides a boosting effect for learning and memory, but it is clear that a deficiency of choline/acetylcholine is catastrophic for cognitive function, playing a role in dementia and Alzheimers.3

And 9 out of 10 Americans are deficient in choline!4   So we’re grateful to get a little extra choline support from these gummies.

While there’s not a pronounced immediate effect from the Alpha-GPC in the Laser Focus (there’s only 20 mg, far from the 1,200 mg clinical dosages), it’s fun to read what people experience when they take the higher, nootropic doses.

Some people take it to enhance lucid dreaming! Here’s a link to the Erowid Alpha-GPC page, since we’re basically writing a gummy vitamin trip report.

5:05 PM:
OK, we’re firmly in the groove here.  Feeling clear, calm, and focused, like the smell of rain after a torrential B12 thunderstorm.

So, what else?  Ah yes:


A legendary root with centuries of use in Chinese medicine, ginseng has a wide variety of benefits, from immune support, possibly anti-cancer properties, even treating erectile dysfunction.

But it’s included in these gummies because ginseng has been shown to provide immediate cognitive performance enhancement,5 increased energy,6 and is neuroprotective.7

We used to love drinking those mysterious red Prince of Peace vials from the health food store, back in the day.   But now, with the wonders of modern gummy technology, we can enjoy a little ginseng boost in a sparkling and delicious strawberry-tangerine candy-drop.

5:30 PM:
We’re in a really good mood right now.  We feel great.  This is the Laser Focus afterglow.

Ok, we’re definitely converts now.  Whatever Olly’s got happening in this gummy, we want more of.  Aside from the initial B12 intensity, these are perfect, relatively gentle little focus magicians that we can foresee getting a regular rotation through our work weeks.

do olly focus gummies work?

Yes.  If you’ve been curious about these, wonder no longer.  We took a long strange trip through the gummiverse with these, and you’ll want to, too.  Get ’em here.

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