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Collagen Heavyhitter Neocell gives us... a strange tasting gummy that lacks the effectiveness that their other collagen products deliver


Despite the Neocell provenance, these aren't one of Neocell's standout creations. We'll stick to their Beauty Bursts, which contain 2g of Collagen, versus the 100mg found here.


We're not going to mince words: This Neocell product did not deliver compared to their other more collagen-loaded products. But these gummies contain Keratin, Bilberry and Vitamin C, which are great beauty boosting ingredients and we were excited to see them.


These are a no. The flavor is generically sweet, conjuring neither mango nor dragonfruit. Plus that weird chewiness. 😖

Bang For Buck

These are definitely an affordable option, but they also have a tiny amount of collagen. If you spend a few more bucks, you can get more collagen, and therefore, more results!

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It’s no secret we are devoted Neocell Collagen-nauts out here in the beauty cosmos, and have been for many years. 👩🏻‍🚀👋🏻

For years, we have religiously taken their collagen products. And because of Neocell, we have noticed a drastic improvement in our skin’s elasticity and nails’ strength & firmness over the years. We love them.

And it’s not just their collagen types 1 + 3 beauty and anti-aging chews that are always stocked on our supplement shelf! We are also over the proverbial moon for their collagen type 2 Joint Bursts, and their Pomegranate Collagen Liquid.

(If all this Collagen Type Talk is piquing your curiosity for more info for how collagen works, effective doses, the differences between all the types, and most importantly, what collagen even is, head over to our dishy collagen gummy tell-all! It will definitely help you navigate the onslaught of collagen products proliferating the supplement cosmos these days.)

Neocell is our perennial go-to, so of course we were ecstatic to see they were expanding into the realm of gummies! (As opposed to gummies’ shapeless cousins, the “soft chews”.)

And given Neocell’s established track record in the collagen game, we had high expectations for these.

Unfortunately, they didn’t quite meet them.

milligrams matter!

So if you’re a label hound, you’ll notice these come with 100mg of collagen per two gummies.  Which sounds like a lot until you realize that Neocell’s Beauty Bursts contain 2 grams! That translates to 2,000 mg per two chews. It’s night and day when you’re expecting the same results from that drastic of a difference.

Nevertheless, we were still curious if we would get good results. Collagen is collagen, right?

Turns out, the milligrams do indeed make a difference.

Additional Ingredients

We were also excited by the additional ingredients found in this one:

Vitamin C, which is an integral support for your body’s own collagen production. In fact, vitamin C is usually the main ingredient found in vegan “collagen” supplements. We also have a blog about vegan “collagen” if you’re interested in the vegan route.

Bilberry Extract

Bilberry isn’t a common fruit running around in our supplements. We did a little sleuthing to find out why these were included in this Neocell gummy. Turns out, this Scandinavian Blueberry is revered for its ability to increase collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in your skin, as well as supporting skin hydration.1 (A handy helper during those frigid Norweigan winters, no doubt.)

It’s also traditionally used to protect against cell damage and fortify those blood vessels. All important things if you’re looking to improve and defend your skin from those free radicals (and wintry winds whipping through the fjords.)

We are definitely ready for more of this chic European berry in our lives.

Hot tip: If you’re interested in trying Bilberry in a form that’s not this gummy, we can’t recommend Dram’s Beauty Bubbles enough. They are a dream. We reviewed them on our sister site, The Bubbleverse, so if you’ve been dying to go down a sparkling water review rabbit hole, look no further. 🕳🐇

Anyway, the vitamin C and bilberry are great and all, but unfortunately, these gummies did not deliver the results that we’ve come to expect from a Neocell product.

While they’re better than nothing, there was some nail breakage during the time we were taking these, which would never occur under the watchful eye of their Beauty Bursts! And there was nothing noticeable happening with our skin.

A decidedly un-Glam affair for a Glam Gummy.

Tasting Notes

It’s hard to enjoy this flavor. It’s a cute enough gummy. Strange pastels swirled together, it’s clear there was an aesthetic vision attempted.

But it’s incredibly chewy. And the flavor just doesn’t coalesce into any specific or appealing taste. It’s sweet, which we guess is supposed to correlate to “mango”. But sadly, for an exotic sounding flavor combo involving dragons, there’s no epic Olly-style flavor sorcery at play.

And that’s a shame, because in a world of tart and tasty Sugarbears and Olly’s slam dunk Peach Collagen Rings, there’s no excuse for having a vitamin gummy with off-putting chewiness and a wtf flavor profile.

We had thought Dragonfruit and Mango would be a compelling new addition to the Intriguing Flavor Roster, but this one is getting crossed off the list.

Final Thoughts

In summation, it’s hard for us to say less than wildly glowing things about Neocell: they’re a brand that we continually shout our love for from the rooftops, and they are always stocked in our shelves (and in our hearts!)

But for our money, this is not the one.  Stick with the Beauty Bursts. Or if you want a gummy, we absolutely love Olly’s Peach Collagen Rings.

That said, we are still gonna give the ol’ college try to their other collagen gummies: the alluring sounding Beauty Shield and the biotin & collagen packed Gummy Glow. We firmly believe that Neocell is capable of creating a knockout collagen gummy, and we’re here to find it.

So stay tuned!  (& sign up for our newsletter to join us on our journey! 👇)

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