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Nama ups the relaxation ante with a CBD gummy that also contains Delta 8!


The answer to our stress-filled days, Nama has blessed us with a high quality hemp gummy that is delicious and truly effective. And we appreciate how transparent and rigorous their manufacturing standards are.


Relax Plus is no overstatement. 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of Delta 8 works some serious magic. Plus Delta 8 has all the good vibes without the Delta 9 weirdness.


Watermelon flavoring can skew into Jolly Rancher nasty, but Nama manages to avoid that with a fresh, candied watermelon that's not too sweet.

Bang For Buck

The price point is in line with other CBD gummies, but the fact that this also contains Delta 8 feels like you're getting a freebie. We love to see it.

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You hear the word “relax” and it can often conjure the idea of some remote state of being, fleeting and unattainable. Who is even actually relaxed these days?? Collectively, we seem to be consuming more and more adaptogens and CBD infused elixirs, all to help keep us from losing our minds in the maelstrom of whatever the latest sh*storm du jour is.

So Nama entered stage right (emailed us and offered to send us some gummies to review) with the cure for what ails ya.

Promising not just to give us some much needed Relax, but some Relax Plus. What’s the Plus, you ask?  Well, Nama creates CBD gummies, which are known for their relaxation-inducing capabilities, but Relax Plus combines CBD with the buzzy cannabinoid Delta 8 THC.

Nama is like the “Yes And” of CBD gummies. You have a Delta 8 gummy? Well ours has Delta 8 and CBD! You want a melatonin & CBD gummy? Well, ours has CBN, too! (That’s Nama’s Sleep gummy, and it knocks our sleep socks off).

Nama CBD

CBD gummies are a crowded gelatinous field. (Or pectin-ous?)  Which is great on the one hand: CBD gummies everywhere you turn! What a life!

On the other hand, it can be hard to know which gummies to buy with so many different brands out there. Some brands seem super sketch. Many are just white labeled, and even when a brand is popular, their practices can be a bit vague, leaving you wanting just a little more clarity around what exactly is in the gummies you’re about to eat and where they came from.

Not with Nama! They are super transparent, and even say “Transparency is key”, right on their homepage. Nama really speaks our language.

They’ve got Certificates of Analysis for all their gummies, use USA-grown hemp, and are vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.

Also, Nama’s founder Chris beat cancer in college and became passionate about health and wellness. We love brands where there is a face behind the product (Hello, Dr. Perlmutter forever), where someone isn’t afraid to stand by what they’re selling. The personal touch is everything!


We reviewed Reform Wellness’ Delta 8 gummies here, where we spoke at length about the difference between Delta 8 & Delta 9 THC.  If you’re new to Delta 8, it’s worth understanding and reading a little more about it, we promise!

In a nutshell, Delta 8 THC is a molecule that is virtually identical to Delta 9 THC, but is synthesized from CBD, and many people (including us) report that Delta 8 doesn’t result in the paranoia and feeling super stoned that Delta 9 THC sometimes has.

(Having tried Reform Wellness’s Delta 8 gummies in both 5 mg and 10 mg, we were relieved that the Nama gummies contain 5 mg of Delta 8. Your mileage may vary, but the 10 mg was a bit intense for us, and the 5 mg was our sweet spot of enjoying the mellow without feeling overwhelmed.)

But Delta 8 is not all we have here in this gummy.

As we mentioned above, Nama doesn’t want to just give you that Delta 8 experience, they also want to give you 25 mg of Cannabidiol calm.

Nama’s website states: “Filled with natural ingredients, these gummies produce a full plant effect.” If there’s one thing that we love, it’s a Full Plant Effect. So let’s pop one and see how it goes!


Wow. Sure we could fumble around with our own words trying to capture how this Relax Plus makes us feel, but one reviewer on the Nama website concisely put it best:

“These gummies make me feel like I’m being hugged by the sun.”

👏 Stand up and take a bow, Jason R. Maybe we should hire you to write for the GG with that kind of precision insight and expression.

One of the reasons people choose Delta 8 over Delta 9 THC is that you can get that palpable euphoric experience without the attendant THC-induced anxiety aka the mental no-no feeling. And combined with 25 mg of CBD, the Relax Plus experience is alllll sunshine hugs.

At least in our experience, Delta 8 doesn’t make us feel “high” in the sense that we’re ungrounded or out of it.  The effect is certainly noticeable, and CBD combined with Delta 8 will really bring the chill.  But it’s mellow rather than agitating, easy rather than effortful.  Relax plus, indeed.

We especially love taking these before bed, making our bodies kind of melt into the sheets, and it’s a nice treat to occasionally take these instead of melatonin.  Some people also love these for a post-work transition chill, or to spend some time in meditation or creative endeavors.

Tasting Notes

These gummies manage to capture a candied watermelon indulgence without veering fully into Jolly Rancher territory. Watermelon flavoring can be a dangerous game, walking that fine line between delicious and gross, but thankfully Nama manages to stay on the delicious side.

One gummy has just 3 g of sugar. Not too little, but not too much either. It has the sugar dusting that comes with so many other CBD gummies, but it manages to be sweet without the sugar overkill that you get from, say, Wyld CBD.

Final Thoughts

Who are we to argue with reviewer Jason R.? These are definitely little watermelon flavored sunshine hugs, and we want to get hugged. We do love Reform Wellness’s pure Delta 8 gummy, but we adore that Nama includes 25 mg of CBD for an additional body mellow that sends you into that sunshiney glow.

Nama kind of blew us away with this one, so we will continue to be saying “Yes And” to whatever Nama has to offer us next.

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