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Juicy and ripe immunity goodness that’s vegan and Non-GMO!


Megafood isn't the necessarily the hippest brand around (looking at you, FLO & Not Pot), but we love their products and think they need a little more love for consistently serving up delicious and healthy supplements with unique ingredient rosters.


Along with heavy hitters zinc and elderberry, we love the inclusion of wild blueberry and ginger here. These are two great superfoods, and we appreciate the effort to make this immunity gummy as close to a whole food as possible.


Ripe and lush, we always expect big flavor from MegaFood and this is no exception. You can taste the wild blueberry and syrupy Elderberry. This is Big Berry.

Bang For Buck

Megafood has made its way onto the shelves of places like Target, meaning its high quality, vegan, non-GMO and organic offerings are readily available and totally affordable. We love to see it.

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Today we open another bottle of MegaFood’s top shelf gummies: their Elderberry Immune Support.

True story: While MegaFood isn’t always stocked on our shelves, we absolutely love this brand, and are grateful you can find them on the shelves even at mainstream places like Target, Walgreens and Rite Aid.

Sometimes with brands that deliver high quality supplements that are organic, non-GMO and vegan/vegetarian, you have to go to Whole Foods or smaller, boutique health food co-ops.

Here in the Gummy Galaxy we believe that products with these qualities should be available to the masses and easily accessible at affordable prices. MegaFood makes creating gummies that are sustainable and ecologically minded look easy!

So we are continually in support of the MegaFood mission. And they’re a B-Corp, too!

Anyway, we’ll stop gushing: let’s dive into this bottle of immunity goodness.

Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.


The primary showstopper here is the aforementioned Elderberry. The Elderberry in MegaFood’s Immune gummies clocks in at 400 mg per serving, which is a solid dose! For comparison, Vitafive’s Elderberry Immunity Gummies contain only 100mg per serving.

We’re been around the block with Elderberry a few times, and have sung its praises in our Vitafive Elderberry review and our Olly Immunity Sleep + Elderberry review. (We do love a gummy that boosts our immunity while we sleep!) So if you’ve been around the block with us, we won’t bore you singing its praises again.

But if you’re new to the Elderberry game, know that its superpower is being a potent antioxidant hero that protects your body from free radicals, and help decrease inflammation and stress.

(No word on if drinking Elderberry-flavored mineral water from Whole Foods also helps with this, but we hope so 🤞.)

But, wait. There’s more!

Wild Blueberry

Blueberries are tiny but mighty antioxidant warriors, but we haven’t really found them in the immunity supplement game. We wonder why, because as we did a little more sleuthing into the link between blueberries and the immune system, we found that they have an impressive resume for supporting your immunity game.

In a Health Magazine article from 2010 we found this tantalizing quote, “If berries are nutritional treasures, wild blueberries are the crown jewels”.

In addition to being some of the most antioxidant-packed superfoods out there, wild blueberries contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese.

These potential benefits come from blueberries that are considered “wild”, so if you’re looking to those domesticated blueberries to do the same trick, look again. Only the untamed around here.


We weren’t entirely surprised to see Ginger in here either.  MegaFood loves their potent and spicy herbs, and we would kind of expect to see that gingery kick-in-the-pants no matter what. Very on brand for Megafood.

But Ginger is a powerful immune response activator, so if wild blueberries and elderberry alone aren’t enough to awaken the system, let’s add a dash of ginger.

And just for good measure there’s Zinc to round out this immunity cocktail. Zinc is a pillar of the immunity community, and we love to see it. Zinc (and its popular appearance in Zicam) makes it a ubiquitous immune booster on pharmacy shelves, fighting off invaders like a tiny, cellular hero.*

Zinc is naturally found in the cells of the body, but we also need it to produce DNA and proteins. Zinc, we salute you.

Tasting Notes

If there’s one thing we continue to notice about MegaFood it’s that they are not afraid of a bold taste. We’ve started referring to this brand as MegaFlavor, as it never fails to be an explosion in your mouth. (We’ve talked about how with their turmeric gummies, it actually veered into Too Much territory. That turmeric is no joke!)

So we knew that we were in for another robust flavor journey when we picked up these gummies. And we weren’t wrong. This is definitely a fantastical fruit tsunami for your face.

The berry here is rich and juicy. A berry in full ripened splendor. Since these contain syrupy elderberry and a healthy dose of wild blueberry we aren’t surprised.

But these are so dense with flavor, it’s like the entire Berry Family is on parade. We swear we can even get a hit of Boysenberry if we close our eyes.

We also love taking these with us whenever we travel to keep The Cruds at bay.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we trust MegaFood. MegaFood is a company that gives us the highest quality ingredients with a lot of transparency about how and where they source them.

We eat a lot of gummies, as you might imagine, and unfortunately many of them aren’t organic or are from companies that aren’t entirely forthcoming about where they get their ingredients.

But when it comes to immunity boosting we want the good, honest, healthy stuff. And there’s a lot of peace of mind knowing how rigorous MegaFood is with their quality.

These gummies are highly endorsed by the galaxy.

You can get ’em from Megafood, or on Amazon.

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