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Mid-day slumping? B12 + farm fresh Ginger to the rescue!


MegaFood's energy gummy is a goldilocks experience of not too little, not too much. Plus we love that this is a company committed to healthy, organic products.


These deliver 24 micrograms of B12, along with 100 mg of Ginger Root, to imbue your day with a potent boost without the jitters or crash from caffeine. These do the trick.


The tastiness factor here largely depends on how you feel about ginger. If you hate ginger, this may be a pass. But considering how bold MegaFood's flavors usually are, this gummy is actually restrained and not overwhelmingly ginger-y.

Bang For Buck

We are continually impressed at how affordable MegaFood is, since they are organic and Non-GMO. Other brands take note: It can be done!

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We’re always looking for a little boost for our long days. Who isn’t, honestly? But sometimes even we get embarrassed by our intense caffeine intake, and dial it back by turning to vitamin helpers like B12.

B12: Everyone’s favorite hangover helper and one of the few times we look forward to getting a shot! B12 is an insta-boost. So of course, we love it in a gummy!

What makes MegaFood’s Energy gummy stand out?


First and foremost, MegaFood makes gummies whose greatness we appreciate far beyond just the delectable gummies themselves.

MegaFood’s products are all non-GMO, certified organic and totally vegan. More like MegaEthical, am I right?

(rim shot — we’ll be here all week. We promise this gummy doesn’t include bad jokes as a side effect. That’s allll on us.)

We are continually intrigued by MegaFood’s creative gummy flavorings and offerings. An anti-inflammatory turmeric gummy that tastes like you’re mainlining turmeric powder? MegaFood’s got the goods. They’re never afraid to go all the way there.

What’s Inside

So we knew that their B12 would definitely pack a punch. Not just with those robust B vitamins, but also because these gummies come with the life-affirming and potent Queen of Roots: ginger.

Pro tip: don’t go through life without ginger.

These contain 100mg of fresh ginger root, which is a decent amount, but not as much as some sole ginger supplements out there, which go more for the 400-500 mg route.

But ginger is not exactly why we’re here…

Back to the B’s: These contain 24 micrograms of vitamin B12. We find this dosage to be a pretty powerful infusion into the system. (That’s 1000% of your DV)

It’s not as intense of an amount as Olly’s Laser Focus, which takes you all the way to 50 mcg!  But it’s more B12 than, say, one of our more mellow focus faves, Highline Wellness’s CBD Day Gummies, which contain 10 mcg. (We recommend those if you’re just getting started with taking B12 for focused energy, or if you’re a bit sensitive to B12 and want a little CBD to take the edge off).


So how do these compare?

Vitamin B12 gummies can sometimes come on strong in our experience, and it might be good to play around with what works best for your body, especially if you’re combining them with caffeine.

Personally we find that these hit that sweet spot between barely noticeable and riding the dragon. We like the B12 perk, we just don’t want to be totally aware of it at all times. These deliver that caffeine-free boost without jitters, crashes or white-knuckling.  Honestly we love these. And we love the fresh ginger kick that come with these. And speaking of ginger…

Tasting Notes

If you’ve read a MegaFood review on this site before, you know that we equate MegaFood with MegaFlavor.

They are not bashful and lean into their ingredients rather than try and tamper them down. So we’ll admit, we were a little nervous for these ginger gummies. We like ginger and all, but ginger can be an overwhelming spice even when it’s working in concert with other flavors. The fact that these were basically all ginger made us nervous.

In fact, we kind of avoided these for the safer flavor pastures of Olly for longer than we’d like to admit!

But lo and behold, these give you a strong kick of ginger without kicking you in the face. After our experience with their peppery turmeric gummies, we weren’t sure that was possible, but truly they aren’t as overwhelming as we feared! Of course, ginger is not low key, so if you’re ginger-averse, you might just want to keep moving to the fruitier B12 gummies.

But we love what they did here! It’s like the ginger wakes your senses up to the coming wave of B12!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re shaking off a night of drinking or headed to the gym, we recommend these if you need a quick boost any time of the day. Again, these gummies hit that perfect balance of just right: not too little, not too much.

Especially, if you’re guilty of overdoing it with the caffeine every now and again, this is a great energy supplement to work into your daily routine. Happy boosting!

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