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120 milligrams of vegan CoQ10 in a succulent raspberry gummy 🤤


This is a pretty simple gummy, and it does what it says it'll do: serve up a solid dose of antioxidant CoQ10 in a delicious, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO raspberry way.


While there's no official RDA for CoQ10, 120 milligrams is a solid dose, in line with the 50-200 mg used in most studies.


Wow, what can we say? This is our favorite Mary Ruth's gummy flavor, and by far the best Raspberry flavor we've come across in a gummy.

Bang For Buck

While Mary Ruth's is definitely not a bargain-basement brand, these are reasonably priced for high-quality gummies.

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So many gummies out there are crammed with so many great ingredients, which means that we can sometimes overlook the solo-ingredient gummies. And we’ll be honest, a full gummy lifestyle isn’t the most budget friendly, so often we try and get our two-for-one specials here and there.

But, as professional gummy consumers, we have to do a deep dive every now and again, and we were genuinely excited to try this CoQ10 gummy. Not only because MaryRuth Organics is a solid brand, but also because we hadn’t really explored taking CoQ10 before.

Who is this Mary Ruth?

Mary Ruth is committed. From her IG to her products. She just exudes “health,” we don’t know what else to say. Except that we’re probably a little intimidated. We recently got her Chlorophyll drops since we no longer live around the corner from a Kreation Organic and can no longer sip upon their glorious Chlorophyll Alkaline Water.

We realize it doesn’t sound like much, but we are *obsessed* with that Kreation Organic Chlorophyll, so the fact that we chose Mary Ruth to replace our go-to Chloro is actually quite meaningful. (And the drops are good!)

But let’s talk gummies!


No surprises here: Just CoQ10 in gummy form! 120 mg of it.

Mary Ruth creates vegan products, so no gelatin, and this CoQ10 is vegan!  (CoQ10 is not always vegan — it’s often derived from animal sources.)

These contain 2 g of sugar per serving (two gummies), which is pretty par for the course with gummies. Mary Ruth also creates non-GMO products, and this gummy is no exception. Her rigorous standards are one of the reasons we trust that we’re getting some of the highest quality supplements around.

So why CoQ10?

What you might not know is that your body produces CoQ10 naturally, but like most great things we produce (we’re looking at you collagen!) production tends to decline as we get older.

CoQ10 is an antioxidant. “Antioxidant” has become a bit of a buzzword, and basically every skin care and adaptogenic sparkling water promises the healing powers of cell-saving antioxidants: if you’re not getting your antioxidants, how are you not falling apart before our very eyes?!

In all seriousness though, antioxidants are instrumental in cellular defense, and considering our body’s innate CoQ10 production declines, it’s probably a good idea to start supplementing at one point or another.

Discovered in 1940, it’s been called “The Essential Nutrient” and of the Coenzyme Qs, it’s the most common in human mitochondria.1

It’s known as a heart helper and can neutralize free radicals and the damage they cause, as well as prevent modifications of proteins and lipids in the body. Studies have shown it might also help lower blood pressure and assists in your overall metabolism.

Basically, we want all of this. In gummy form. Thanks, Mary Ruth! We’ll take a bite.

Tasting Notes

We didn’t think we could love a raspberry flavor so much, but honestly these are juicy and ripe and mouth-watering.  This is actually our favorite flavor of the MaryRuth’s gummies that we’ve tried, and definitely our favorite raspberry gummy in general!

Tbh, when we see that a gummy is “raspberry” flavored we tend to roll our eyes. Raspberry is kind of a catchall flavor for “generic” or “fruity”, and we don’t get excited when we see that as the flavor.

But lo and beyond, these are not generic. This “natural flavor” actually tastes natural! These taste indulgent without being overly sweet. We love it.

(Our other Deep Raspberry love is Hum’s new Boost Sweet Boost! Our prayers to gods of raspberry flavoring are being heard!)

And we appreciate these are heart shaped for good measure. ❤️

Final Thoughts

So these are the first CoQ10 gummies we’ve had, so we don’t have a ton to compare them to. That said, we like these so much, we aren’t sure we need to hunt around for more. These are also a pretty decent price for a month’s supply.

But still, we’re on a mission to try every gummy in existence, so now that we know about the glory of the CoQ10 gummy, we’ll keep our eyes out for others and report back!

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