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Basic, adorable melatonin gummy bears from a multi-pronged telehealth company


These are effective and the price is right. They taste good, too. We just wish that we got a better vibe from hims & hers overall.


The combination of melatonin + chamomile is pleasant and effective.


These have an enjoyable berry flavor, if not a little strangely cinnamon-y.

Bang For Buck

Very affordable & easy to find at Target.

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We are fascinated by the sprawling scope of hims & hers.

Originally founded as “hims,” hims & hers started as a telehealth company for men. Now they continue to spread into all nooks and crannies of the wellness industry, inundating the market with a bevy of blanded products and a variety of online medical services, including prescriptions for everything from hair loss to birth control and covid-19 tests(!?).

It’s all kind of overwhelming, so we figured an easy entry point into this multi-pronged wellness company was their sleep gummies.  We know our way around a melatonin gummy like the back of our hand, so we knew this would be a soft landing, so to speak. ☁️💤

(Check out our guide to sleep gummies if you’re new to melatonin, have questions and curiosities about how it works, and to find out why you will love it, too!)

The hims & hers sleep gummies come packaged in the now ubiquitous, quintessential millennial branding: pastels abound, minimal fonts. It’s just all so inoffensive and irresistible.

Basically, we couldn’t resist succumbing.

What’s in that tiny bear?

Ok, so here are the goods: There is 1 mg of melatonin per gummy (we take two gummies, which is the suggested serving size), and it’s not just a great place to start, but also a decent maintenance dose.

Some of the serving sizes for different gummies out there go up to 6 mg, and we’re not gonna lie, 6 mg can make the dreams get weird and the morning after a little groggy.  So hims & hers’ 2mg is 👌 as a starting point or baseline for your nightly ritual.

We also love when our sleep gummies are full of added bonuses, and these don’t disappoint. These have got both our beloved L-theanine, and a dash of the Queen of Tranquility herself: chamomile extract.

The bottle says “pomegranate berry,” but the taste of these, to us at least, is Full Cinnamon. It’s not exactly what we were expecting?   But cinnamon is a warm, comforting flavor before snuggling into bed, so we’ll take it.

We appreciate the pillowy, marshmallowy texture and the fact that they adhered to the classic Gummy Bear structure, which is less common in the gummy vitamin world than you might think.  And this attention to detail is always welcome and appreciated in the Gummy Galaxy!


But at the end of the day (literally), did they work?

Yep, these do the trick as well as most sleep gummies out there.  These are a solid entry into the melatonin gummy cosmos, although not a stand-out.  And like most middle-of-the-road offerings, it kind of just comes down to what vibe & aesthetic you want to be your last experience of waking life before you’re carried off to dreamland.  And hims & hers is nothing if not a vibe.

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Here’s a funny thing, hims & hers maintains two websites: forhims.com and forhers.com. And yet these “hims & hers” sleep gummies don’t appear on either website, in lieu of solo “hims” sleep gummies, which have the same ingredients.  It’s like the center of the Venn diagram hasn’t coalesced in their internal branding yet.  Or “hims & hers” has an exclusive agreement with Target?

The long arm of hims & hers

We can’t tell what’s going on here, but one thing we know for surer is that hims & hers wants to take over all facets of your wellness, from washing your hair to prescribing your birth control.

We would be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that we find it all a wee bit unnerving.  We also didn’t expect our vitamin gummies to suddenly (quite literally) be in bed with our favorite condom company, Lelo. But we guess there’s just about nothing that’s escaping the long wellness-arm of this pleasantly-packaged enterprise.

Overall, we might prefer a lower-key brand that isn’t angling to take over our entire lives via digital health services. There’s just something about an online doctor that also wants to peddle their pretty pastel products that leaves us cold.

If you share the same feeling, we’ll point you towards our favorite sleep gummy of all time (also pastel bears!): Sugarbearsleep.

That said, we do look forward to trying hims & hers’ immunity gummies. What can we say, we love a pretty gummy!

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