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Highline Wellness combines mellowing CBD with a little hit of caffeine for the perfect daily pick-me-up


Caffeine harmonizes with CBD to give your body the perfect balance of mellow focus and gentle pep.


Consistently high-quality CBD. 20 mg of caffeine per gummy isn't a lot, so we recommend taking two gummies if you want the best effect.


Jolly Rancher Watermelon flavor with a little too much sugar on top. Maybe that's your thing, but it's not ours, and not what we normally expect from Highline Wellness's typically great fruit flavors.

Bang For Buck

As always, Highline Wellness combines top notch CBD with inventive bonus ingredients at a totally affordable price.

✨ Heads up: Highline Wellness just created Reform Wellness: delta-8 THC gummies which are pretty amazing.  You can read our review here!

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It’s no secret that we love Highline Wellness gummies, and sing their praises whenever we get a chance.

We must confess: our eyes were first drawn to their aesthetically appealing, minimal branding, but it turns out that we truly love their high quality, tasty and noticeably effective gummies! (Not to ignore their non-gummy offerings! We don’t go anywhere without that handy little CBD roller.)

So when they teased that they were launching a new CBD gummy, we waited with baited breath and lurked on their IG stories like they were a Bachelor Nation Influencer. We couldn’t wait to see what next epic pairing they would unleash into the wild.

Lo and behold, they gave us the holy marriage of CBD and caffeine. Two substances we believe can make any day better.

Here’s our stance: We love caffeine, but sometimes coffee is a lot for us, even though it smells divine and we’re suckers for the taste.  Coffee just always leaves us a little too jacked, and not feeling so fresh.

We love caffeine clean. In a sparkling energy water, or best of all, in a gummy.

Hello there, Caffeine!

These contain 20 mg of caffeine, which is akin to a cup of green tea. This is perfect for a little boost that’s not going to send you soaring into the jittersphere. Plus the CBD always gives us steady calm that’s a perfect assist for getting things done.

This a dream come true for us.  At least in theory!

Highline Wellness was kind enough to send us some to try, and we tried the 600 mg bottle (i.e. 30 gummies x 20 mg of CBD).  The 300 mg bottle contains 30 gummies x 10 mg of CBD.

This is a mild dose of caffeine. If you’re a caffeine warrior, then this might not even chart for you. If you’re pounding cup after cup of coffee, then this might be but a blip on the screen. But if you’re sensitive or if you’re not a caffeine fiend (caffiend?), then this could have a noticeable effect. For us, it’s less pronounced (our caffeine tolerance is pretty blown out due to all the Hiballs), but at some point after taking it, we notice a little more calm and a little lift of alertness. *chefs kiss*

That’s kind of all we ever want in our day.

We think that these are best as a mid-afternoon pick me up. This isn’t a dose of caffeine that’s going to keep you up at night, and sometimes in those afternoon doldrums you definitely need some CBD chill.

If you’re curious about whether or not to embark on the 10mg or 20 mg CBD journey, we’ll suggest that you start with the 10mg.  If you’re no stranger to the CBD cosmos, give the 20mg a try – we find it balances the caffeine a little better. But either way, we are huge proponents of incorporating CBD into our overall wellness regime.

While there’s still lots of research to be done on this fascinating molecule, it’s definitely an exciting new world for those of us contending with some low-grade, daily stress! 🥴

Caffeine vs. B12

Highline Wellness has a similar gummy in their lineup, the CBD Day gummies, which we’ve reviewed here.  But in the CBD Day, the CBD is paired with 10 micrograms of vitamin B12, not caffeine.

We’ve found the energy from B12 to be wildly effective, but in a different way from caffeine.

👉 If you want to follow our real-time journey with a mega-dose of B12 from Olly’s Laser Focus, it got a little intense.

Highline Wellness’ B12 gummies don’t have nearly as much B12 as the Ollys, and we’ve found them to be perfect for a mid-day focus session.  But focus is the key word here: B12 doesn’t wake you up so much as get you in the zone.  If you’re looking for a little hype, stick with the caffeine.  If you’re looking for mental clarity, the B12 + CBD can work wonders.

If you’re caffeine-adverse, definitely check out the CBD Day gummies.

Tasting Notes

Now here’s where we report to you that, despite these kind of being our new favorite Highline Wellness gummy, we were a little disappointed with the flavor. We had high hopes too, because their blue raspberry is one of favorite flavors in the gummiverse, and their CBD Anytime gummies come with a plethora of excellent flavor offerings.

These gummies on the other hand, despite listing “Natural Watermelon Flavors” in the ingredients, are straight out of the fake watermelon candy playbook. Not our personal favorite flavor in general, but if you’re seeking some Jolly Rancher nostalgia, this might be for you.

There’s also a more pronounced bitterness than we’ve experienced with other Highline gummies, possibly due to the caffeine, which is a pretty bitter molecule on its own.  But we don’t mind the bitterness that much, it kind of wakes you up and lets you know you’re about to get a lil’ jolt.

Ultimately, we’ll be reaching for these over the CBD Day gummies (+ B Vitamins), because they give us the mellow energy we’re looking for. But we do wish they tasted like them.



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