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A mouthwateringly delicious CBD gummy with a touch of traditional detox herbs


We actually love these, but we want to love them more. Maybe it's the limitations of the gummy format, but we'd like to see more of the detox ingredients in here. Plus, corn syrup?!


Highline Wellness' high-quality CBD shines as bright as always. The science may be inconclusive about detox supplements in general, and there's not much milk thistle or dandelion in here either way.


Like some kind of orange-beet vegetal dream gummy. We think these might be one of the most complex, best-tasting gummies out there.

Bang For Buck

Highline Wellness is always affordable, and for the price of their straight-up CBD gummies you also get a lil' dash of detox. A win in our book, despite our mild misgivings.

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It’s Highline Wellness’s world and we’re just living in it.

From skin care to bath bombs (they’ve got your self-care covered…in CBD massage oil of course), and an ever-expanding roster of CBD gummies, we’re not unconvinced that soon enough there will be Highline Wellness CBD cat food and sparkling water.

And we’ll be first in line when there is.

But if you’re new to the Gummy Galaxy, Hi, Friend. Meet Highline Wellness. Highline Wellness is one of our go-to CBD gummy brands.  They’re incredibly affordable, use quality, rigorously vetted CBD, and they come out with increasingly innovative CBD gummies faster than we can keep up with.

Hot on the heels of their ACV gummy are two more “gut health” gummies forming a trinity of cleansing CBD gummies, which you can buy individually, or pick up the whole kit.

Their Debloat gummy features oat milk, potassium and ginger, while this Detox Cleanse offering showcases milk thistle and dandelion.

Maybe on the surface this sounds like a bunch of weeds to you, but they’re more than that! Read on…

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has a long history of being used for detox & liver protection in herbal and traditional practices. The “active compound” in milk thistle is silymarin, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic1 that has actually been fairly extensively studied as a possible treatment for liver diseases.*

(Many of the studies show encouraging results, but there currently isn’t a consensus regarding dosage & effectiveness of milk thistle overall.2  And so while milk thistle’s potential for liver support seems fairly compelling based on the current research, more research is needed (as always) to get the whole picture on what milk thistle does & doesn’t do.)

Speaking of dosage, each gummy contains 50 mg of milk thistle.  Which, we’ll be honest, is not a lot. Even if you take a two-gummy dose, that’s still just 100 mg.

We poked around some other milk thistle supplements and for comparison, HUM’s milk thistle supplement Wing Man (sadly, not a gummy) contains 600 mg of milk thistle per serving, and Gaia’s “low temperature extraction” milk thistle capsules (low temps preserve the all-important silymarins!) also clocks in at 600 mg.


Make a wish! It’s hard not to envision a dandelion as the feathery wishmaker of childhood, but dandelions actually pack in some dense nutrients, antioxidants, and polysaccharides. As a tea, dandelion is another mainstay in traditional medicine.

There have been a couple of interesting studies conducted on mice3, which seem to show that dandelion root extract can have a protective effect against liver damage4, but there haven’t been any clinical studies on humans to date.

Like the milk thistle, the dandelion dosage is fairly low on the scale, 25 mg to be exact, while the Wing Man we mentioned above comes in at 200mg of dandelion root.

So just in case it’s not clear by now: these are mostly a CBD gummy with a small amount of extra herbal goodness.  We get it, it’s hard to pack as many herbs into a gummy as you can into a capsule.  And herbal gummies are just so much more fun!

These detox gummies also include some our favorite supplements in the ingredient list: TurmericVitamin E, Zinc, and superfood beet powder.

And finally, as we ran our eyeballs across the ingredients list we noticed another thing. Light Corn Syrup.

Excuse me, ma’am?

Yes, we discovered “Light Corn Syrup” on the ingredients label. Their Debloat Blend includes tapioca syrup, which is typically utilized as a one-to-one substitute for corn syrup. Um. Did they run out of tapioca? Do we need a detox gummy for this detox gummy?

We’re not entirely sure what the calculus was around the corn syrup in these, considering it’s not in any of Highline Wellness’ other gummies. 🤔


Because these contain relatively small amounts of the “detox” ingredients, we think of these more as a daily enhancer to our overall wellness regimen.   CBD is already a daily thing for our weary bones, so for the same price as their CBD Anytime gummies, why not throw in a little milk thistle and dandelion?

But if you’re looking to actually “cleanse,” it’s hard to recommend these over a non-gummy supplement with two or three times the amount of milk thistle and dandelion.

Again, we assume it’s the gummy format that makes it harder to pump in massive amounts of any supplement. You win some, you lose some we guess.


Just a small note on how pretty the color is on these. These are colored with beet juice, and they’re a rich maroon, cranberry color that looks absolutely mouthwatering. And they don’t disappoint!

Beet juice is sweet but earthy and these flavors are definitely apparent on the palate. These gummies are rich and succulent. It’s like an orange beet salad. A cornucopia of juiciness. We love the flavor of these.

These might be our new favorite Highline Wellness flavor, and along with their gingery debloat gummies, they’re putting all those other brand’s generic fruit gummy flavors to shame.

Final Thoughts

We’re not sure why a Detox gummy would include corn syrup, but we are definitely fans of milk thistle and dandelion as ingredients, even if the dosage is on the low end of the spectrum.

We love the flavor and the CBD (something those non-gummy mega milk thistle supplements don’t have!) so we enjoy taking this as a maintenance gummy, giving us a little boost.

If we’re in the hangover throes and we want to really go full throttle we’ll spring for some (non-gummy) milk thistle like the HUM.

And we do hope in the future they take out the corn syrup. In the meantime, we’ll just spritz away that nagging concern with some Highline Wellness facial mist and count the minutes till they launch their next gummy!

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