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CBD gummy powerhouse Highline Wellness churns out another winner with their new Debloat Blend


Oat Milk, Potassium, Ginger: we love this lineup of bloat busters. But how much oat milk can you really pack in a gummy to make a noticeable difference?


Despite our skepticism, these actually did the trick when we were experiencing some digestive discomfort! We'll continue to take these on the daily for maintenance.


You'll love these as long as you love ginger. If not, these may not be for you. The ginger is potent, earthy and dominant. You've been warned.

Bang For Buck

Highline Wellness is always one of our more affordable choices in the CBD gummy world. And with these, you can get a splash of oat milk for the same price as a bottle of their CBD Anytime. Yes, please.

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It’s 2021 and gummy vitamins are getting wild up in here.

Ashwagandha and saffron are sweeping the gummy world as we speak, and now we’re getting gummies that deliver CBD with Oat Milk and Potassium!?

Highline Wellness is cranking out new gummies, almost faster than we can keep up with.  Last fall, they came out with a CBD + Caffeine gummy, then a CBD + Apple Cider Vinegar gummy in January, and now just a few months later, two new gummies dropped on the same day! 🤯

The devil works hard, but Highline Wellness works harder.

So now that Highline Wellness has brought CBD to your melatonin, caffeine and ACV, they also want to bring you a little internal spring cleaning with their “Detox” combo. We are always trying to get healthier, cleaner, and less full of it, so we’re in.

We love Highline Wellness as a company, their high-quality CBD, manufacturing standards, and always-tasty gummies.

Plus, they are truly raising the bar for innovative ingredients in gummy form!


We appreciate that Highline Wellness is coming for The Bloat, because bloating is uncomfortable and, well, incredibly common.

We will admit “CBD + Debloat Blend” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue the way, say, “CBD + Caffeine” does, but we are ready to get weird and exploratory with our gummies.

Let’s explore what this gummy has in store.


Your body tries to naturally maintain a certain ratio of sodium and potassium, but your sodium levels can sometimes get out of balance after a decadent meal, fast food, or if you’re just generally not getting enough potassium in your diet.

When that happens, your body winds up retaining more water than it otherwise would, leading to uncomfortable fluid retention and bloating.1  Potassium also plays an important role in the functioning of your gastrointestinal muscles as they help you digest food and move it all through your system.2

Getting some extra potassium can help restore that balance, allowing your body to get rid of extra sodium and water, potentially decreasing bloat, and helping to make sure your gastrointestinal muscles do their thing!*


Ginger is a hallowed traditional remedy, long used for easing stomach discomfort and nausea,3 and we’re honestly surprised more brands don’t include this spicy root in their gummies!

(We love Charlotte’s Web CBD Recovery Gummies (with ginger + turmeric) and MegaFood’s Ginger + B12 gummy, but otherwise there’s not a ton else out there in ginger gummy land.)

Oat Milk

Highline Wellness also includes a splash of Oat Milk in the Debloat Gummies.  Not only is Oat Milk definitely having a moment right now, it also contains a lot of beta-glucans, which are complex little sugar chains that act as soluble fiber.

Research seems to indicate that beta-glucans can be beneficial for overall microbiome & gut health,4 and while it’s hard to imagine that you can fit that much oat milk in a gummy, we do hope Oat Milk Gummies catch on. (Lookin’ at you, Oatly.)

And to tie it all together, all this comes wrapped up in a CBD bow (a dollop of CBD a day is a perfect incentive to take your vitamins 😉).

Each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD, and the recommended dosage is 1-2 gummies per day, as needed.

Tasting Notes

Don’t let the pretty bright red coloring fool you.  These look like fruity candy, but these pack a wallop of ginger, which makes sense because ginger is one of the featured ingredients. And ginger doesn’t just pack a debloat punch, it’s also a pretty dominant flavor, eclipsing all other flavors in its wake.

These are like those tasty ginger candies dusted lightly in sugar. There are hints and undercurrents of sweeter fruits and maybe cinnamon (?) that mellow the ginger tang slightly, but honestly, this is a full throttle ginger experience. Earthy and pungent, these taste like they showed up to do the work.

We’d like to point out that on their ingredients list is both cane sugar and tapioca syrup (which is the non-GMO equivalent of corn syrup), so there is plenty of sweetener to temper the ginge’.

But we like that the ginger is on display here. Ginger is a root that we always need more of in our lives, and we love the strong flavor vibes.  But if ginger’s not your thing, these might be intense for you.


We’ve only really needed these once so far, if you will.  Road trips + Thai food will do that to you!   And we found ourselves with some relief about an hour later, so that’s a success in our book! 🚽👍

We love that these work on our digestive systems, but what a bonus that these also come with high quality CBD and all of the cannabinoid goodness that entails.  We’ll keep this section updated as we encounter more bloating, so stay tuned for more anecdotes from the field/bathroom!

Final Thoughts

This is an epic addition not just to the CBD gummy canon, but to Highline Wellness’s arsenal. Every time Highline Wellness comes out with a new gummy, they up the ante of creative gummy ingredients and unique, mouthwatering flavors.

Not just your average strawberry here! Plus you’ll get a little gut help, too.

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