Goli's latest gummy goes green...and sugar-free!


If Goli's Superfruits gummy wasn't enough Super for you, they've now got a Supergreens gummy that delivers the all-important (and sometimes woefully underconsumed!) GREENS. These target overall health, as well as immune, digestive and liver support.


These are loaded with so much green goodness that it makes these worth a gander alone, and yet--that's not all! These also contain probiotics and a smattering of vitamins and minerals, in addition to those that come from the plant-based blend.


The tastiness factor totally hinges on whether or not you have fond associations with lime jello. And monk fruit. We find these to be delicious, personally.

Bang For Buck

As always, Goli's offerings are reasonable and accessible. These are definitely worth trying at least once!

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Any time Goli enters the chat with a new gummy, it’s a big week in the gummy world. And this gummy was no exception.

Goli is quickly creating an entire rainbow with their newest launches: first red (ACV), then blue (Ashwagandha), then orange (Superfruits).

And now a bright, succulent green! Chock full of (you guessed it!)… GREENS. Supergreens, in fact.

And if that weren’t exciting enough: this gummy is sugar-free!! Having the gummy lifestyle that we do, the sugar can really add up, gummy by gummy, so there are so many reasons that we cannot wait for this gummy to come into our lives.

We know that even with the best intentions, it can be hard to make sure you’re getting enough greens. It’s why we’ve loved 8greens’ gummies, even though their price tag/gummy amount keeps us from getting those over and over again.  But Goli appears to have made a vitally important green gummy super accessible.  We’re over the moon! 🥬🌝

What’s in Goli Supergreens?

Goli’s proprietary “Supergreens & Probiotics Blend” is the verdant showstopper here. And Goli has packed 11 of some of the best and brightest into these.

So what’s all in there? Here’s their Greens roster. And it’s got all the greatest hits:

Artichoke Leaf Extract, Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Kale, Moringa Leaf, Broccoli, Barley Grass, Chlorella, Parsley, Spinach, and Celery.

Also, included their proprietary blend is Bacillus Subtilis, which is the probiotic at play.

In addition to the Supergreens & Probiotics Blend, this gummy also comes with a buffet of essential vitamins and minerals. So many of the essentials!  Specifically, Vitamin A, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate (Folic Acid), Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc.

Also, on the No Sugar note, these are sweetened with monk fruit. Some of us in the Gummy Galaxy don’t mind the flavor, but others on our team actually do not like it as a sweetener, so there ya go. Monk fruit: not for everyone.

But back to the nutritional goodness: Goli isn’t shy about what this Green Goddess can do for you.

Goli Supergreens Benefits

Between the B vitamins, the probiotics, the dense leafy green action (fun fact: artichoke leaf purportedly has an antioxidant effect on the liver!), it’s no surprise that these support the body in a number of ways.

Tasting Notes

So Monk Fruit remains divisive in the Gummy Galaxy. Cause here’s the thing: Monk Fruit tastes more like a fake sweetener than  fruit or actual sugar. And (we confirmed this with other people on the internet) Monk Fruit, while not as sweet as a sugar substitute like Stevia, has a stronger aftertaste. So if you are sensitive to Monk Fruit’s aftertaste, these could potentially be off-putting. Of course, for one of us, it doesn’t bother us at all. We like Monk Fruit as a sugar-free alternative.

The other noticeable thing about these gummies is that there is a serious Lime Jello moment happening here. As soon as you pop one in your mouth, there’s an instant hit of something from childhood, something sharp and specific. And then it dawns on you. LIME JELLO. Somehow this is a pitch perfect rendition of the summertime classic– without the gelatin of course (Goli is always vegan!). It’s a little weird for us, and doesn’t manage to top their other flavors, but we could see how this could be appealing to a certain crowd.

At the end of the day…

We can’t say these beat the Ashwa gummies for favorite Goli gummy in our house, but these do have a few things going for it that make us want to keep these around. Primarily, these are a great way to supplement greens when you have a pizza night and skip the salad (🤫).  But beyond that we really do love that these are sugar-free. (If one of us could make peace with monk fruit, it’d be perfect.)

So you’ll have to try it for yourself to see if Lime Jello/Monkfruit is how you prefer to get your greens.

Goli is a vitamin juggernaut for a reason. And while their Ashwa gummies we never want to live without, we can’t say that their Superfruits is a permanent staple on our shelves.  On the other hand, while every brand these days has their own ACV gummy, (and we’ve tried a lot of them we still think Goli still comes out on top.

We like Goli’s expanding roster, but we don’t feel like all of them have a permanent place on our shelves. We might still prefer the 8greens.

On a side note, now that we know that they’re having us taste the rainbow, Skittles-style, we look forward to their inevitably forthcoming yellow and purple gummies. They have to do it, right? 🌈🤔

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