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Goli strikes again, with a Superfruits gummy packed with antioxidants and bamboo for glowing skin and a healthy bod


Packed with all kinds of classic "superfruits," plus Bamboo Extract, vitamin C, and Zinc, we're loving this juicy new gummy.


We've actually noticed some results using Bamboo Extract as a vegan collagen booster. We'll give it more time to see if it maintains. Either way, immune boosting goodness + dewy skin is what are gummy dreams are made of.


This is ripe and juicy, just like all the delicious fruits it packs in. It's vaguely fruit roll-up, vaguely tropical, specifically very tasty.

Bang For Buck

All of Goli's gummies start at $19 (and get cheaper from there when you buy one of their bundles). Under $20 for a quality vegan gummy is always a steal in our book.

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A few weeks ago, we thought that it was just another Thursday, but turns out it wasn’t. Because on Thursday, May 20th, gummy goddess Goli dropped a new gummy into the ever-expanding gummy cosmos.  (That’s basically a holiday at the office around here.)

Their new drop is Goli Superfruit Gummies, rounding out a trinity of unique wellness gummies that have taken the internet by storm. We were beside ourselves, honestly.

Bamboo in a gummy?

So while their first gummy was heralded as the “World’s First Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy” and their second gummy as the “World’s Most Powerful Ashwagandha Gummy,” this new gummy forgoes their tradition of one solo ingredient, instead boasting a cornucopia of superfood goodness.

They’re touted as being made with Bamboo Shoot Extract, and that’s a new one for us. World’s First Bamboo Shoot Extract gummy? Possibly. Don’t quote us on that.

Bamboo Extract is a natural source of silica, which is a trace mineral that supports collagen production. Here you’ll find 11 mg of it.

We were particularly excited to see how Bamboo Extract works as a vegan collagen replacement, because we always love when we can gummy cruelty-free.

We laid off the collagen when we got our order to see how silica would do as a replacement. We noticed that our nails have maintained their firmness for the week or two that we’ve been taking these regularly (usually our most reliable indicator if a collagen or vegan “collagen” supplement is working).

We’ll update this after we finish the bottle: only time will tell if bamboo extract can generate the same results as collagen for us.

What else is inside?

In addition to the Bamboo Extract Goli throws in 100 mg of an Organic Fruit Blend which includes Acai Berry, Acerola Berry, Amla Berry, Pomegranate, Goji Berry, Banana, Apple, and Strawberry.  (If you’ve poked around the beauty gummies on this site, you might remember Amla Berry from Hum’s Glow Sweet Glow gummy.)

Amla (“Indian Gooseberry” has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for circulatory support and alleviating oxidative stress on the body.

And that’s not all! As if you were getting enough fruity, juicy goodness, here’s the rest of the roll call:

250 mcg of Vitamin A (56% DV)
90 mg of Vitamin C (200% DV)
5 mg of Vitamin E (67% DV)
2.75 mg of Zinc (50% DV)


So what does this concoction do for you? Goli lists a hosts of benefits on their site:

– Improve collagen formation
– Supporting your immune system
– Improves skin health and appearance
– Provides essential nutrients
– Powerful Antioxidants

It sounds to us like it functions as a beauty gummy, working from the inside out to give you that dewy superfood radiance, as well as dosing you with an antioxidant immune boost from the vitamin C and the Zinc.

How does it taste?

Both of their previous gummies are super delicious (we love that their Asha tastes like a fruit roll-up!) so we wee excited for these bright orange gems to enter our lives. Goli describes the flavor as a unique blend of “strawberry, watermelon and raspberry”. 🤤

And this mixed berry is juicy. It’s like getting a basket of actual fruit, without having to worry that they’ll go bad before you have time to eat them all.

It still skews towards the throwback fruit roll-up vibes (yay!), but it’s a little more in the actual fruit realm than the Ashwa gummies.

(And on that note, Goli always makes vegan gummies, using pectin instead of gelatin to get that plush gummy texture.)

Final Thoughts

We definitely want to give this one more time to see how long-term the results are from the Bamboo Extract, and if our skin gets maximum glow, but we’re cautiously optimistic based on our initial results!

We still might say the Ashwa is our favorite of their offerings, but they’re so different, it’s genuinely hard to compare. These are certainly worth a shot. The ingredient list is vast and offers your bod a little bit of everything! From Vitamin A to Acai and Goji Berry, we’re happy to have one gummy to get a huge roster of our fave fruits.

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