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Flo's follow-up to their groundbreaking PMS gummy isn't the most innovative gummy on the block, but the amazing taste and solid ingredients make these a winner.


Cute branding and an irresistibly tasty gummy sparks joy in an otherwise pretty crowded category of supplements.


Nothing fancy, but solid doses of a classic trifecta: Elderberry, Zinc and Vitamin C, synergized into one adorable little ring-shaped gummy.


We were super impressed with their PMS gummy and didn't think it could get any better, but this Berry Lemonade flavor is a tart and tangy elixir in gummy form. We have to restrain ourselves from eating more than two.

Bang For Buck

These are some of the pricier immunity gummies we've come across. But if you subscribe, you'll save a little and not have to think about your daily dose of Vitamin C anymore, which maybe makes it worth it?

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Flo Vitamins’ new gummy just dropped, and while we all know what GTFO stands for, we actually want to Get the F In to this pretty, lavender bottle.

We appreciate the thoughtful creation of Flo’s genuinely delicious PMS gummies. With their plethora of herbal ingredients, we were excited to introduce Dong Quai and Chasteberry into our lives. Plus the idea of a gummy specifically for your period was super innovative!

Needless to say, we have had high expectations for what the sophomore gummy from Flo Vitamins would be.

Lo and behold: it’s an immunity gummy?!

Their teaser email promised that this gummy would say “GTFO” to bad vibes and “snotty” friends. We see what you did there, Flo!

We think a little Gen Z wordplay is at work, appealing to teen girls immersed in stressful clique life while also nodding to the unpleasant reality that getting sick = snot life. Cute marketing!

But if you’re an elder like we are, and/or mostly interested in an immunity gummy for your health instead of aesthetics, read on.

GTFO doesn’t have the most innovative ingredient list when it comes to immunity gummies, only including three classic immunity mainstays: elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C.

It’s honestly a little confusing why an innovative company like Flo would release such a basic immunity gummy, something that has already been done a dozen times over by other brands.  We need a little bee propolis or wild blueberry to really blow our hair back these days.

But of course we ordered some as soon as they were released, eager to see what (if anything!) set these apart from the rest.

What’s in it?

Let’s run through GTFO’s three ingredients real quick:


This rich-flavored berry is a powerful antioxidant that is in just about every immunity gummy, from medicine cabinet staples like Zicam to newer brands like Vitafive, and even sleep gummies like Olly Sleep.

Flo is getting on this buzz-ingredient bandwagon and hanging their Elderberry shingle out there, too.

The GTFO gummies have 115mg of elderberry extract per serving, slightly more than Vitafive’s 100mg, but way less than MegaFood’s 400mg.


We love Zinc, potent trace mineral that it is, and its essential worker status in your body. Your body cannot produce or store it, so it’s a good idea to be getting Zinc on the reg.

These have 8.5mg of Zinc per serving, which is more than both MegaFood’s 6mg and Vitafive’s 7.5mg.

Zinc is probably the most clinically-studied immunity-booster, so we love to see so much packed in to the GTFOs.

And to top it all off, we’ve got 105mg of the classic vitamin C.

While these ingredients aren’t listed as organic, they are vegan & non-GMO.

Tasting Notes

Flo blew our minds with their insanely decadent PMS gummies, which we’re still salivating over, so naturally we now expect Flo to deliver some epic flavors.

These are a “Berry Lemonade” flavor, which intrigued us, because we love any gummy in a bright, tangy flavor.

But honestly, “Berry Lemonade” doesn’t do them justice.  In our opinion, this flavor alone is what elevates these in the sea of similar immunity gummies. It’s that good.

It’s like a tart, thirst-quenching lemonade on a hot day rendered in gummy form. It totally sends us.

Final Thoughts

So basically, we’ve got some solid doses of the holy trinity of immunity supplements.  No frills, just pop two gummies a day & you’re at least making sure you’ve got some essential vitamins covered.

Flo’s GTFO gummies are a little pricey, starting at about $30 for a single bottle ($25 if you’re subscribed). The two gummy-per-day dosage with a 60 gummy count makes it a one month supply.

If you’re in love with these, you can get a subscription to GTFO and make getting your daily immunity support that much easier.

But for our Immunity Gummy Budget, we’ll probably spring for Megafood’s Immunity Gummy. As we mentioned above, Megafood has more Elderberry per gummy, it’s organic, and well, it’s cheaper. Megafood definitely isn’t as adorable as Flo, certainly not as delectable, but we don’t necessarily need cute branding to inspire us to buy.

While we wish Flo had graced us with a second gummy that was a little more interesting, it’s hard to complain too much about what’s actually in them.  And we do like this brand and their IG-friendly marketing (we love that these come in little donut shapes too!)

It’s up to you if you feel these are worth the price tag time and time again, but we definitely think they’re worth a whirl at least once.

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