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Flo is at it again with a unique and delicious fiber gummy to help you go(go)


Flo's third bright orange donut-shaped gummy is super cute, but all business: each dose contains 3 g of chicory root prebiotic fiber for maximum benefits.


These are so immediate and effective that we had to start with one per day! (Recommended dosage: two gummies per day, with the potential to work up to four for weight management benefits).


We knew Flo was gonna kill it on the flavor front, and they did kill it. The orange sorbet is so delicious it's hard not to want to eat them like candy.

Bang For Buck

These gummies are effective and unique and truly delectable, but on the higher end of the price spectrum. And without the subscription discount, it's hard to want to come back over and over again to buy a solo bottle.

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The creators of the groundbreaking PMS gummy FLO are back at it with the third installment in their gummy collection. This time they have blessed us with a Fiber gummy called GOGO.

Maybe it’s just us, but we are
a) super pumped that we’re about to bring some more fiber into our lives and
b) that we’re having some open conversations about 💩.

We know that this is a personal topic, so we’ll go first: travel, dehydration, and subtle changes in diet can all really affect how things run down there, and it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. We’ve often turned to probiotics to help the trains run on time when things get off kilter. 💩🚂

But who is talking about fiber really these days? Fiber supplements bring to mind something old and stuffy, like metamucil and bran.  So we love that Flo is giving fiber a makeover — and of course, putting it in a gummy!

So what’s in there?


Chicory Root Fiber.

Yes, that’s it. Now that might sound confusing, considering it’s a prebiotic gummy — where are the prebiotics? Well, typically, prebiotics actually come from chicory root, because the inulin in chicory root fiber specifically feeds and supports the healthy bacteria that is found in our guts.  The more you know! 💫

Flo touts the benefits as “promoting healthy digestion” and “supporting healthy weight management.”

Sounds kinda similar to the benefits of an ACV gummy to us! With ACV gummies all the rage right now, we’re not surprised that Flo is hopping on that digestion/weight management bandwagon, but we love that they mixed it up by going full prebiotic fiber on us. Because that fiber also “keeps us regular”, as our grandparents used to say.

And Flo is not afraid to say it: “POOP BETTER” is emblazoned across the GOGO homepage. No more adding bran to your diet.  We are here for new and improved fiber options. This is not your grandma’s fiber.

In two gummies, you get 3 g of fiber (11% DV), which according to Flo is more fiber than two bags of spinach!


The recommended dosage is two gummies per day (that’s a month’s supply at 60 gummies per bottle).  Flo says that if you’re taking them for weight management, work up over time to taking two servings (four gummies) per day.

So, we dove right in with the recommended two gummies and, wow, we noticed the difference pretty quickly.  In fact, after a few days of taking two, we actually started taking just one gummy per day.  Two was kind of a lot for us!

Of course, our systems could be sensitive, or we’re already on the more “regular” end of the spectrum, but suffice it to say, these work.

We even noticed that when we did take the two gummies, they did help to curb some snack cravings, even though we haven’t been taking them for the touted “weight management” benefits.

Of course, that could be just us, so let us know if you’ve used taken the higher dosage for weight management and how they worked for you!

yay for sorbet! 🍦

We were over the moon when we heard that the new flavor was orange sorbet. An orange sorbet gummy is exactly the kind of gummy we didn’t know we needed, but now can’t live without.  This sounds way better than adding psyllium husk to our juice.

We have loved both of Flo’s other two gummy flavors a lot. Their Flo gummy is one of the more unique and luscious flavors out there, and their bright and tangy GTFO is mouthwatering. We had high hopes for this sorbet, and it did not disappointment.

It’s bright, candy orange with that inexplicable hint of smoothness you get from a refreshing and cool sorbet. Not overly sweet, not overly confectionary. This is another slam dunk from the Flo Flavor Team.

final thoughts

Okay, these might be our favorite of the Flo gummies (don’t @ us, we know there are some die-hard PMS gummy stans out there!)

But we haven’t found a gummy quite like this for digestion, especially one that’s so delicious and so effective quickly. That said, we do wish it were a liiiitle cheaper per bottle.

Yes, we understand that Flo’s gummies are Hip and Boutique.  But the only real way to justify the price (in our mind) is to get the subscription, which for our budgets, really adds up over time.  We definitely want to get these again, but we’re not sure we need the subscription.  Even the single bottle price is on the higher side of things.

And look, we appreciate their hip, boutique vibes: their sumptuous new orange color palette sends us. Honestly, Flo always kills it with the Pinterest-worthy visuals. But we kinda feel like this is a hipster price tag tbh.

But can we really put a price tag on tip-top digestion? Staying regular is a crucial part of staying healthy! No impacted colons in our households. (Normalize talking about poop, everyone! This sh*t is literally important.)

These are the difficult decisions that keep us up at night.


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