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An Apple Cider Vinegar gummy for your skincare routine? Say hello to healthy gut flora with these antioxidant-rich gummies*


Embody's ACV gummies are super cute, super delicious, vegan, non-GMO, and contain a ton of ACV. 4g of added sugar per serving is on the higher end for an ACV gummy though.


These gummies pack 1,000 mg of ACV into just two gummies, plus superfoods like Pomegranate and Beet Juice, bringing potential antioxidant and microbiome boosts to your internal skincare game.


These are some of the tastiest ACV gummies around! They capture both the sweet, refreshing flavor of a crisp apple while still letting the tartness of the ACV peek through.

Bang For Buck

These aren't the cheapest ACV gummies out there: Goli offers the same amount of ACV per gummy for a bit cheaper, but with organic ingredients and less sugar.

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Embody burst into the gummy galaxy in the summer of 2020 with the “world’s first retinol gummy,” a brilliant move that changed the face of edible skincare and has been super successful since they launched, recently even getting picked up by Urban Outfitters.

Embody teased a new drop early February and we were on the edge of our seat, waiting to see what their second act might be.

The wait is over: Embody’s newest gummy is an adorable, apple-shaped Apple Cider Vinegar gummy!

In case you’re not familiar with ACV gummies, the Apple Cider Vinegar Cosmos has expanded rapidly in the last year or so, ever since Goli dropped the first Apple Cider Vinegar gummy into the world in 2019.

Since then, almost every vitamin brand has offered their own version of an ACV gummy.  We were not surprised to see Embody jump on the bandwagon even though the field is getting a bit saturated!

Another Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy?! said we, while immediately buying it as soon as we could.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a vinegar produced by fermenting (you guessed it) apple cider.  It has long held a hallowed place on the shelves of dusty health food co-ops, and there are a ton of people who swear by drinking a shot or two every day.  Why?

Apple Cider Vinegar has been studied for its effect on blood sugar regulation and weight loss support (when combined with diet and exercise), and there have been some promising results regarding both these effects.1 2

Apple Cider Vinegar can also be a probiotic & an antioxidant, and there’s a whole order of people who say they have clearer skin after taking ACV regularly.*

There’s a whole range of potentially beneficial ingredients in ACV, ranging from B vitamins, quercetin, probiotic bacteria, and acetic acid, especially when you include “the Mother,” which is the collection of microorganisms that do the fermentation alchemy.

Enter the gummy

The biggest problem with Apple Cider Vinegar is the fact that it can be really intense to drink it.  It’s a very potent vinegar and it can be hard to keep swallowing spoonful after spoonful, day in and day out!  Plus, the acid from the vinegar can be harsh on your teeth and your throat.

This is why the ACV Gummy Revolution has had such an impact across the gummiverse!

By dehydrating ACV and putting it in a gummy, you can avoid the unpleasantness of drinking the stuff, while still potentially getting a lot of the benefits.

Since Goli launched their gummies, there has been an explosion in the number of Apple Cider Vinegar gummies out there.  In fact, just the other week, one of our favorite CBD brands, Highline Wellness, launched an ACV + CBD gummy!

So while the current field of ACV gummies is pretty crowded and overwhelming, we got you here in the Gummy Galaxy: we take a deep dive into the magic of this fermented elixir in our Ultimate Guide to Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies.

Embody ACV Gummies

So what sets Embody’s gummies apart? The short answer, well, not much.

Almost every ACV gummy we’ve come across is vegan, and also often contain Beet and Pomegranate, both for coloring and additional superfood benefits. The finer distinctions involve a little more digging.

Here’s what we’re most excited about with these: these contain 1,000 mg of Apple Cider Vinegar per two-gummy serving. Goli also contains 1000mg in the two-gummy punch, but most other brands, like MaryRuth’s and Vitafive, don’t.

So, yes, there’s a lot of ACV gummies out there, but always check the label!  Because a fair amount of them have about half that amount: usually 500mg per serving, which means that you’ll need to eat a lot of gummies every day if you’re trying to match the amount of ACV you might get from just drinking the liquid.

We mean, we’re not ones to complain about eating a lot of gummies!  But it does mean that you’ll go through bottles pretty quickly, and wind up getting more sugar in your diet than you might want.

And that brings us to our note on sugar! Embody is higher up on the sugar scale, clocking in at 4 g for two gummies. For comparison, a brand like Goli has only 1 g for two gummies.

But because the Embody Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are jam-packed with ACV, they claim that just two gummies a day is all you need to get a full dose.  Wham, bam, thank you Embody.

How do they taste, tho?

Honestly, great.

And it’s not just that we might be biased because they’re so cute . These are genuinely delicious.

When you open the bottle, you get an intense hit of ACV. It’s pretty powerful and makes your nose hairs pucker. But don’t worry. The gummy delivers full crisp Fuji apple, with just enough hit of the ACV to let you know that this is oozing with the good stuff.


We think think ACV is a great addition to any well-rounded supplement routine, and we love Embody’s gummy!

Because we personally spend a lot on supplements, we might spring for a slightly more wallet-friendly option, like Goli, which has has much of the same ingredients, but with less sugar.


Embody’s whole thing is ingestible skincare, and they emphasize ACV’s potential benefits for your microbiome, plus its antioxidants, to help clarify your skin from the inside out.  Which makes it a great pairing with their retinol gummy as part of your overall skincare routine.

And Embody offers a “bundle and save” option, with a bottle of retinol gummies and a bottle of ACV gummies, which helps get the price down a little.

We love their retinol gummies, and we love their ACV gummies, so this is a great option if you’re in the market for delicious, ingestible skincare.

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