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Charlotte's Web delivers high quality CBD + Lemon Balm in what just may be the Calm Gummy GOAT


It's hard to not gush about these: the rigorously vetted ingredients, the potent and palpable effect, and the rich flavor all work to make these a mainstay on our shelves.


These imbue potent calmness, quickly. Perfect for navigating a stressful day or popping before bed.


Earthy and terpine-fueled, these taste like the dank stuff, with a lemon twist.

Bang For Buck

Charlotte's Web is primo and offer a variety of sizes and prices: $30 for a 30 count, but $56.99 for 90 gummies is one of our favorite steals around.

👉 Heads up:  for the Spring Equinox, Charlotte’s Web is offering 20% off your entire order with the code SPRING20.

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Charlotte’s Web never ceases to delight us with their thoughtful ingredient additions to their already top-notch quality CBD gummies. And their Calm offering is no exception.

Among Charlotte’s Web’s hallowed Gummy Trifecta, these Calm Gummies were the final gummies we tested.  Partially because we were more excited to welcome their others into our lives: we can’t resist a melatonin gummy, plus their turmeric + CBD combo was music to our ears.

We kinda overlooked these emerald gems at the time.

But this was a bad move on our part. We underestimated the power of the Calm gummies (now affectionally dubbed “Calmies” in our household).

Before, we thought it was an arms race of CBD goodness between their Melatonin Sleep gummies and their Tumeric & Ginger-blessed Recovery gummies. But Charlotte’s Web was kind enough to send us some, so the Calm gummies are here to throw their hat in the ring.

Enter the Calmies

Now, we know that when you get involved with any Charlotte’s Web product, you come for Charlotte’s Web fecund cannabinoid greatness.  Any CBD gummies they make would be exceptional, even without any additional ingredients.

So yes, their dank whole plant hemp extract is the star of the show, but let’s not overlook which special ingredient enhances this gummy and sets it apart from the Recovery and Sleep gummies:

The magic of Lemon Balm

This lime-flavored gummy includes Lemon Balm, a lemon-scented herb from the mint family (!), which we are prone to bring up whenever we get the chance. (Yes, we’re really fun to talk to.)

Lemon Balm is definitely one of our buzzwords when we see it on the ingredient list of any gummy. We also love to drink it!

Because, as you might have guessed, it tastes delicious, too. It can even be used when cooking, so go ahead: indulge your culinary senses while you’re at it.

But you’re gonna love this citrusy Lemon Balm beyond the lemony tastiness: Lemon Balm supports immune health, digestion and imbues a sense of wellbeing to the nervous system.

These Calm Gummies contain 75 glorious mg of it!

For comparison, this is the same amount of Lemon Balm that’s in the Olly Goodbye Stress Gummies, but the Calm gummies contain 75 mg PLUS the CBD. More like, Goodbye FOREVER Stress.

Okay, okay, maybe not forever. But if you like your herbal stress-relievers steeped in the finest cannabinoid molecules, then these Calmies are for you.  Prepare to get real calm, real quick.  That’s exactly what happened for us.

Do Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies Work?

The relaxing effects are profound. And yet, don’t worry about this lulling you into a stupor of calm. These bring the relaxation without the drowsiness. If anything, we’ve found that we can keep up our daily productivity, minus those mildly neurotic thoughts that sometimes accompany us throughout the day.  We like them so much we don’t want to just barrel through the day without them anymore.

Honestly (after way more consideration than you might think) this potent blend of botanics just might be our favorite of the Charlotte’s Web gummies. Don’t tell the others 🤫.

And as long as we’re extolling the virtues of Charlotte’s Web’s products, we’d love to bring up that they are a certified B corp committed to a mission to better communities and the planet. They do this in multiple ways, from using regenerative farming practices to being vocal champions of social justice. (You can read more about their commitment to diversity and inclusion here!)

So your conscience can chill, too.

We love to see it. (And eat it.)

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