What Gummy Is Your Sign?

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We tapped into the holographic universe and discovered the gummy vitamin that matches your sun sign.

Don’t forget to check out your moon and rising signs, too!



This strong (ahem, stubborn) first sign of the zodiac always takes charge and leads the way. But, our lil’ rams, constantly butting down every obstacle in your path will really start to wear you down! 

Enter MaryRuth Organics Omega 3-6-9: they’re a catch-all for overall wellness. Omegas are crucial for brain health, eye health, and even lowering blood pressure.

Which we think might interest you, because let’s be honest: we’ve heard about your fiery temper. 😘 🐏


Olly Extra Strength Probiotic

The Taurean quest for earthly pleasures is robust and renowned.  We know you’re the gourmand of the galaxy, and your taste for the finer things is well-known in intergalactic circles.

Just make sure to keep that gut happy!  We recommend Olly Extra Strength Probiotic to make sure your digestive tract gets some possibly-much-needed support, so our loveable bulls can indulge as much as they please. 


Olly Laser Focus

Oh, Geminis. How we love that you talk with your hands about fifteen things at once. But come on, let’s admit: your expansive thought process is not always the easiest to follow.

We love your quick, agile mind, infectious humor and engaging banter, but like all air signs, you can get a little lost in the ether. This delectable offering from Olly can help reign that in: Laser Focus gives your brain some ginseng, Alpha GPC, and B vitamins so you can skewer the scatterbrain.

Not that that’s what we think of you. We would never. 


Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Tough outer shell, but soft and lovely on the inside, your empathy and watery considerateness makes you everyone’s best friend.  Your sign is also the ruler of the home, and we think these should be in your home, too.

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are a delicious and easy-on-the-stomach way to get all of the incredible benefits of apple cider vinegar: immune health support, digestive health support, and even weight management support.

Which makes perfect sense for a Cancer, since your sign also rules the stomach. All in all, ACV works its magic from the inside out, just like you. ❤️🦀🧡


Hum Hair Sweet Hair

Lady Lion: your reputation precedes you. And yes, we always notice you and envy your larger-than-life presence and magnetic persona.

Not that you need any help with that glorious mane, but we do think Hum Hair Sweet Hair is a must-have for all Leo queens. This gives your hair strength, volume, luster. Basically it’s like a Leo in a bottle.

Shine on, golden one.


8greens Gummies

My favorite Virgo ladies have taught me great life lessons about caring, nurturing and how to really clean that counter. (Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Virgoan Levels of Cleanliness🙋🏻‍♀️)

But our down-to-earth Virgos care, and nothing says caring and nurturing like eating those greens. 8Greens is an astonishingly efficient way to get a ridiculous spectrum of every green you need from Kale to Chlorophyll. I mean, seriously, were these made by a Virgo? Seems like they could be.

So get these as your one-stop shop for a nurturing and nutritious vitamin. It’ll be one less thing for our resourceful and supportive fall goddess to have to  worry about. 


Embody Retinol Gummies

Venusian siren! Enchantress of the zodiac. Did you know that signs ruled by Venus have a tendency to maintain the glow and appearance of youth well past their supposed prime? (Of course you do, Libra.)

Sorcery? Nah, we just call it the luckiest time of the year to be born. But sometimes we need that little boost to keep that juice coming. We are totally obsessed with Embody Retinol Gummy. No more Retin-A that only affects the first few layers of skin. Take it internally and you’re also keeping your organs young!

Don’t break too many hearts, though. Remember: They’re only mere mortals. 


Olly Goodbye Stress

Dear Scorpio, yes, you are intimidating. Yes, you are magnetic. Yes, you are powerfully mysterious and beguiling. But we know deep down you are way too hard on yourself.

We know that you are deeply sensitive and take things very seriously. Take a break from obsessing over the past (and your favorite sad playlist) with Olly Goodbye Stress. Let that L-theanine, GABA and Lemon Balm carry the load for a while.

They’ll think about that one ex for you. And never fear, everyone will still think you’re the sexy, enigmatic one. Nothing can stop that. xoxo, Gummy Girl 👄🖤


ConcenTrace Gummies

Sag is a sign that’s always on a quest. Our archer loves learning, traveling, creating, and we are here for it. 🏹

We are endlessly inspired by this fiery agent of inspiration, because you are always getting it done. But don’t get worn down on the move.

Take a moment to re-up with the tasty little bears from ConcenTrace, packing in all the essential trace minerals your body needs to stay healthy and alkaline, even when you’re burning the candle at both ends.


MegaFood Turmeric Spice

Our ambitious goats rule the joints, knees and ankles. (Although, if you had it your way, we know you’d rule everything.)

So to keep you on the path to total authority, we want you to stay healthy and lubricated with MegaFood Turmeric gummies. Potent-tasting little nuggets that will keep the inflammation away and allow you to hurdle your way to smashing success.

We know you can do it!


SugarBear Sleep Vitamins

There’s nothing an Aquarius needs more than to escape this world for a little interdimensional travel on a regular basis, and these dream bears from Sugarbear are the perfect companion. 

Also, because Aquarians value their brains above all else, the addition of 5HTP keeps that serotonin up, ensuring they don’t come back with any unsavory entities from the astral plane. 👽✌🏼


FLO PMS Gummies

The dreamiest of the signs, we know that psychic Pisces’s innate sensitivity can cause moods to change like the tides. Heavy is the head that wears the intuitive crown.

So hear us out: don’t be put off by the PMS label (even though they are clutch for those special days, and who doesn’t want that?) We love these vibe mellowing gummies for all occasions.

Even though these are packed with traditional herbal gems for cramps, we also champion the Chaste Berry, Lemon Balm and Vitamin B6, well known to curb mood swings.

All of the witchy insights, way less tears.

Clearly, the stars are aligned for your upgraded vitamin routine!

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