Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Love it or loathe it, it’s that time of year again! 💕🧁🌹🍾

Personally, we love Valentine’s Day. The flowers, the indulgent treats, a day of the year entirely devoted to l’amour. 🥰

(But let’s be honest, we have a site devoted to cute little gummy vitamins and love the color pink. Is this really a surprise to anyone?)

Either way, we do think that gummies are sorely missing from the usual Valentine’s Day repertoire, so we’ve come up with some clever ways to incorporate new things and mix up the ol’ flowers & chocolate routine!

And don’t worry even if you’re single, you’ll definitely want to take a gander at some of these finds. (CBD Arousal Oil? 🙋🏻‍♀️)

As always, if you try something, we’d love to hear what you think!

Sending you lots of love however you spend your V-day. Because, single or taken, it’s definitely a day to show yourself some love!

Gummy Girl

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The Classic: Roses & ChocolatePremium PassionAdaptogenic MagicHighline Wellness Passion Kit

The Classic: Roses & Chocolate

The Gummy

Pure Rose Yummies

Rose Yummies

$45.00 from Pure Rose

Us sometimes: The perfect gummy doesn’t exi-

Well, hello, Pure Rose Yummies. 

Confession: we love roses. Not only the actual flower, but also roses as a vibe. Roses as a platonic ideal. Roses as a sparkling water.

Roses have the highest vibration, and basically we are constantly looking for more ways to incorporate roses into our lives, not just visually, but in our mouths, on our bodies. Anywhere we can get a rose we’ll take it. 

So we were completely beside ourselves when we discovered that Pure Rose brought together our two favorite things: Roses & Gummies. And it’s not just because roses are delicious and a V-day classic.

Roses are potent antioxidants full of flavonoids that protect against free radicals. And these gummies are crafted from the highest quality species: the fabled Bulgarian Rose. 

Healthy and indulgent? Cupid shot an arrow through our hearts with this one. 

So if you’re looking to give roses to your boo this Valentine’s, let us suggest some Rose gummies instead of the flowers this year. (Or both, no one will be mad about that).

The Chocolate

To Whom It May + Bloom Farms Collab: Ever After

$85.00 $69.00 from Bloom Farms

Real talk: It’s just not Valentine’s without chocolate, and nothing goes better with roses (or rose gummies!) than chocolate.

And we prefer our chocolate with CBD. We promise your Valentine will, too. 

We scoured the V-day deals and absolutely love this limited-time-only collab between Bloom Farms & fine CBD chocolate purveyor To Whom It May.

The two brands conjured up some epic V-day magic in one lovely bundle, combining everyone’s two favorite Valentine’s activities: eating chocolate and getting a massage. But with CBD. 

And it’s not just some bar of chocolate: we’re talking bonbons and truffles. 

We highly recommend jumping on this deal stat, because right now it’s 19% off, and this glorious union won’t be around forever. 

And if you’re into chocolate, but not the massage (we get it, it’s a pandemic, and we may not want anyone breathing on us), we recommend going for Grön CBD chocolate.

Either way, single or taken, treat yourself! You deserve it.

CBD Chocolate

Premium Passion: Passionfruit + Arousal Oil

The Gummy

Lord Jones VDay

Lord Jones Valentine’s Day CBD Gumdrops

$50.00 from Lord Jones

There is no gummy more luxurious and decadent than Lord Jones’ CBD gumdrops.

With an impossibly exquisite cloud-like texture + 10mg of high-quality hemp extract dusted in sugar like an old fashioned confection, these are the pinnacle of gummy craft.

In addition to their standard flavors like White Peach and Blood Orange, Lord Jones has created a special Passionfruit and Raspberry gumdrop set for Valentine’s Day.

While the price might be a little too premium to make these your daily CBD gummies, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to splurge a little on the finest gummies known to humankind.

The Arousal Oil

Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

$48.00 from Foria

CBD is everywhere these days, so it was only a matter of time before it blessed our lady parts.

We applaud Foria for designing a CBD oil that’s not just for giving maximum pleasure, but also supports the health of vulvas everywhere.

Nothing says Happy V-day like a happy V!

This Arousal Oil uses the power of plants like cannabinoids to increase blood flow to your special spots and helps relax those muscles for all the pleasure you can handle. 

Foria users also report a variety of benefits to using the arousal oil: from pelvic pain relief to alleviating symptoms associated with menopause. 

👉 If you are flying solo this V-day, our favorite sex company, Lelo, launched a clitoral stimulator that won “Best Sex Toy for Vulvas: Cosmopolitan Stamp of Sexcellence,” and we think Foria’s Arousal Oil and Lelo’s Sona go together like the Valentine’s Classic Champagne and Roses. (But obviously way better.)

So if you’re looking for something to pair your CBD arousal oil with, we can’t think of a more perfect union.

Foria Arousal Oil

Adaptogenic Magic: Ashwa + Sex Dust

The Gummy

Goli Ashwagandha Gummies

Goli Ashwagandha Gummies

$19.00 from Goli

You may have heard a lot about Ashwagandha lately: this hip new/ancient ayurvedic herb of legend is having quite the moment right now.

Adaptogens are various herbal plant extracts that can help with managing stress and cortisol levels in the body. 

If you’re not already on the adaptogenic train, 2021 is the perfect time to start bringing the glory of stress-relieving plants into your & your loved one’s lives.

Goli’s Ashwa gummies are by far the hottest-selling gummies of 2021, and as soon as we got our hands on some, we could see why.

With a wide range of potential benefits, from stress relief to cognitive function, Ashwagandha is a pretty potent adaptogen, and would honestly make a great gift for anyone, anytime.

But it earns its spot in our V-Day Gift Guide because it’s famously also regarded as an aphrodisiac, with clinically-studied libido-enhancing effects for both men and women.

The Juicy Moon

Moon Juice Sex Dust

$38.00 from Moon Juice

Want to synergize that Ashwa Adaptogenic Magic to ride that passion to the juicy Moon? Yes, please. ✨🙋🏻‍♀️

And Moon Juice’s Sex Dust contains a proprietary blend of adaptogenetic heavy-hitters: Shatavari balances hormones, Shilajit is an herbal libido enhancer, Epimedium, aka the famed “horny goat weed,” and Schisandra which is used to increase blood flow. Stimulating Cacao & Maca show up to revitalize you both inside and outside the bedroom.

We also love Moon Juice, because they package these potent plants into the cutest, sparkliest products around, all while making your body a better place to be. Your partner will probably agree, too. 😉

Moon Juice Sex Dust

Highline Wellness: Passion Kit

CBD Sexual Wellness

Highline Wellness Passion Kit

$50.00 from Highline Wellness

Speaking of Ashwagandha, Highline Wellness just released their Passion Kit, which includes CBD Women’s Libido Capsules + CBD Lubricant.

The Libido Capsules contain a blend of 20mg CBD, Ashwagandha, Damiana, Maca, Gingko Biloba, and Panax Ginseng. That’s a super sexy mélange of herbs & adaptogens, perfect for taking your Valentine’s Day to the next level.

The CBD Lube makes our hearts flutter like the little pink hearts floating off the logo. We’ve loved their other CBD topicals (like their CBD roller that we take everywhere!), so we can’t wait to bring this one into the bedroom.

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